Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hello Sunday

It is Sunday, I blog from my warm soft bed. Out of the window is wet, overcast, outside all the ground is boggy and muddy. I am really longing for some dry hot weather, this is compounded by reading summer time posts by US bloggers.  I wonder how uncomfortable my big boy is out there on the footy field - mental note to have bathroom ready for hot shower and a hearty lunch waiting for him : downside to this I must get up to perform this nurturing act.  Visitors enter my room and they have brought me tea!   Leaving this comfort  is becoming a harder decision hmmm.  The tea is good. My visitors reminisce about last night with particular reference to the cupcakes I made / took - they were pretty good. We went to a party last night - it wasn't a birthday or special occassion,  our friend just decided to have a party. Have you noticed no one seems to have parties anymore? 

Everyone at the party last night noticed too,  plans for the next one [party for no reason] were seeded.  Summer will be the time for ours - we love pool parties and have an old pool that has seen a lot of splashing in.  It was a great night last night and i think everyone was really appreciative to be out on a Saturday night. The kids, about 15, had a  ball and did what kids do at a grown ups party : played hide and seek using huddles of politics, popular culture talking adults as hiding spots. It was a great night.

I reflect on the week, that is a good Sunday thing to do - just prior to planning the week ahead.  Some good things that happened

1. We enjoyed a visit from family

2. I won a give away! Yes I did! From Ragged Blossom - beautiful eye shadows. I feel so lucky

3. Middle child won a book in a contest - he feels lucky too

4. I piped cupcakes icing and it worked! 

5. I got accepted into a grad dip course 

6.  Miss M had a really happy time last night after having some very sad times earlier in the week

7.  Being crazy in the kitchen with kids : doing "frosting lay backs" - hysterical!

8. Having a very satisfying week at work

9. Miss M presenting me with a card to say "i love you"

10. Joining up with my book club buddies twice this week.


'Joyce' said...

oh I love parties just cause you can. The more unplanned the better. Glad you had a wonderful non-party party.

Karen said...

Oh lots of good things there.
I used to read, a lot, now not so much. Recommend a good book for me... please!
I piped frosting for the first time on the weekend too - got supplies at Marg and Marees in Heidelberg - great shop for all things cake related.