Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fairies, tinkers and sprinting thistles

Disney On Ice | Worlds Of Fantasy

Miss M and I went into the city today, we saw Disney on Ice.
Now I would like to be a cool, non commercial type and say "yeah, 
it was an appalling rip off, cash grab yaddah yaddah, independent children's theatre is far more 
stimmulating and ethically right, blah blah" 
BUT I can't! 
I loved this show! Minnie and Mickey, the Lion King, Ariel the mermaid!
I was in Disney heaven, yeah!
It was fantastic! I was really expecting it to be as irritating as most talking animal movies, but how wrong I was!
It was $90.00 for two tickets but totally worth it and when you put it into
context of going to the movies, it wasn't that bad.
I heard that many of the skaters are ex olympians, which would explain the amazing abilities
of the cast. The costumes and choreography was brillIant and mesmerising. The finale with tinkerbell
was just wonderful. We truly enjoyed ourselves and I think this will be a day we will always remember.

So if you are in Melbourne, consider taking your kids to this wonderful event, you'll enjoy it.

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