Monday, July 4, 2011

Decorating delight

I recently made a huge decision around window dressing in my home.
Some of you might recall my recent frenzy of redecorating, I sent much of my 
home from green to white. Our lounge room has always been a turquoise-ish, vibrant duck egg-ish,
tealy kind of colour calle Merman. We have had this colour in our lives since early in our marriage
and it has kind of become an "us"  kind of hue.

My lounge room is a vintage tribute - pretty much everything 
is vintage from the 1920's lounge, to the 1950's Ventian glass piece 
that I got from my Nan's home (which actually began as a one of my parents's wedding
presents) *see coffee table.  Everything is old and special.

This is the "good room" - I really can't believe I ended up having a 
good room, but I did and it is a marker of sanity. When the house is a wreck
the "good room" is a haven of order and calm.
There is no TV or stereo in this room.
It is comfy, a tranquil. I love to chill in this room.

But it really lacked in window coverings, so with trepidation I went with 
plantation shutters.  I agonised over this, whether it would look too stark,
or whether I should stick with my regular Bo- ho look which worked with the
art deco feel to the room.  So, months of worrying I ordered them, and 
a kidney later ( they were shockingly pricey) I placed the order.
Six weeks of worry and a feel sleepless nights ( I know, stupid) my shutters 
were finally installed and I am very relieved and happy.

The room has a new look, light and airy and the green doesn't look so stark against
the new white look that is now flowing through the house.


CurlyPops said...

I've always loved plantation shutters but could never quite give up the kidney to pay for them.
How lovely it must be to have a good room (ahhhh the sanity and serenity)!

Mary Poppins said...

Oh my, they look bloomin' gorgeous :0) You know we are in a quandry over here about shutters, and are thinking of getting them in the front room, though with it having three big windows, and the price eeeekkk not sure, but I so love the look, I really do. Glad you are happy too :0) Hey thanks for the feedback on the hat, I shall go a googling and find out more.



Amy said...

I love them! And the colour and the french doors too! Okay I love it all!

I am thinking of putting in french doors on our front loungeroom and dining area, but just not sure if it will looks silly so I know the feeling about the shutters!

But you need not of worried. They look fab.

Sue said...

They look perfect. I too would love those in my house but I dont think I could spare a kidney. I have a good room too which I try to escape too when I need to relax, but then everyone else follows me in there.

Just Martha said...

It makes the light quite soft doesn't it?

Melody ♪♫ said...

Color me jealous of your blue room & gorgeous plantation shutters! When my house grows up, I think it will have those, at least in my front rooms. (I get wa-a-a-ay too much sun during the summer through my bay window...)