Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The bigger picture of family

This week has seen me blog less and this is because we have had very special guests at our home. Mr G's Mum and Dad have travelled over from Perth and we have had a lovely, easy going week together.

Because there is so much space between Perth and Melbourne, travelling between the two cities is expensive and therefore occurs only once every couple of years.  We do talk on the phone a lot and email and send photos but it is not the same.

Yes I made that scarf MIL is wearing.

My MIL is a pretty active lady and is always doing something interesting, a true dedicated nurse she has yet to retire and is in her late sixties and still nursing. She is also always up to something be it travel or hiking or camping.  In terms of aging she has set the bar high!

Our kids loved having their Grandparents staying with us and boy did they get around town and show them the sights of Melbourne!

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Catherine said...

It's a shame they live so far away but it sounds like when you did get to catch up you have the best times together and make up for any lost time. Glad to see you had a fun time hanging out together. xo