Wednesday, July 6, 2011

And so the crafting bender continues...

Yesterday my children all went their separate ways (in the house) and apparently
I was not to be included - such is life when your kids are finding independence.
So what to do? Sew of course! 
After my reasonable success at making a market skirt for myself,  dug out
this wonderful piece of embroided charcoal wool - I had some red lining (giving my mediocre
sewing skills, purchasing lining is pretty amusing!).  So I made Miss Moo one BUT with lining!!!

I rock! It took about 2 hours including the ruffle (I am soooo getting a ruffle foot).
I just need to thread the elastic into the waist and voila! 

Then last night I cleaned out my sewing box and sorted various 
haberdasheries out. I found a handful of embroidery silks and realised 
I hadn't done any fancy work in AGES, like years. 
In my family, we use the 1940's or earlier term "fancy work" - I don't know
if that is a recognised term, but it has been in my family for generations and given 
the amazing talent of my fore mothers I won't argue the term. 

In fact I love it.  My mum, Nan, Great Nana, Aunts, Great AUnts and the gals before them
were AMAZING fancy workers -truly you can't tell the back from the front it is so neat and perfect, 
I am so glad some of their work is still held in the family today.

Anyhow, I picked up some fabric ticking and thread and just did some "free" fancy work,
didn't draw a pattern just sewed to see where I would end up.

It seems to reflect my current train of thought lately I think!

Thanks for dropping by, make sure you take just a few minutes at least to 
savour today and feel good to be in the make a difference you know!


Jacqui said...

Thanks for the market skirt recommendation on my blog - it was actually on my list of patterns to try. I had been umming and aahing about which one to do next, so you made up my mind that this was the one. I've ordered the pattern and some red material I fell in love with online, then that will be my next project.
I love what you've done with yours. Those colours look beautiful together. I'm finding your blog really inspiring, I think we'd get along well:-)...I'm going to have a better read once I have some more time. School holidays are a bit hectic around here.

Catherine said...

You are one clever lady:) I love the skirt with the ruffle, very pretty, I've never made a ruffle before still a bit scared I won't know how much fabric to use so it fits but I'll have to give it a try now;) Thank you for the sweet boost with your last line of your post, I needed to be told that today. xo

Catherine said...

Have you an adult pattern for that skirt! Wanties happening here! It is lovely and would be so gorgeous for the Autumn. Cx

Anonymous said...

Love the skirt!!!

'Joyce' said...

ohhhhh I love that skirt. That fabric is so pretty and just that tiny hint of red, love it.