Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday, day 3 of Me change
So my goals yesterday were kind of met.  I did exercise my butt very hard and have been reintroduced to some old muscles - well hello glutes, nice to see you again, what have you been doing in this time? What? Just blobbing around? Hmmm, sounds very lazy to me - you need to live! So enough digressing with me talking to my bum.

I did do some reading and remember "seeking out inspiration" is big on my list.  Well I read a very short synopsis on Caroline Chisolm yesterday and i felt very inspired by her -  i always knew about what she did, but I think I wan tot know more about the woman.  So I got a little inspired to learn.

I did not touch any craft, except when some young friend came over to get some ideas for engagement invitations, looking to my card making skills. Pretty awkward really as i don 't think anyone had any idea of what they liked and wanted the invites out by Friday!!!  I am pretty proud of myself by not leaping in and offering to make them - although I did let them take a loan of some of my most important basic card making tools - so I hope i don't get paper craft inspired today or this week!

So day 3, I think I will have to look to some domestics, but here are my hopes

1. Go for hike (2hours)
2. bake some bread
3. get some domestics done
4. try a new hair do
5. find 2 new outfits in my wardrobe
6. ????

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Catherine said...

I like your daily challenge lists, trying a new do sounds like fun, I never do that much and a hike sounds good and very energetic. I hope today went well and you got to tick everything off your list. xo