Saturday, June 11, 2011

Thanks for the Weekend Queenie!

It's a long weekend in most parts of Australia and we are enjoying the prospects of having a long weekend before us. It's a present we get for having a Queen, remaining loyal to the Commonwealth.  Being Aussies we leap at any opportunity to recreate, so weekends such as this we put aside any ideas against the Monarchy we may hold (if indeed we do hold them) and we tips our lids to Lizzie and enjoy the extra time off work, school, the daily grind. Hypocrisy? Maybe. I have felt for a long time that the relevancy of  Australia having a Monarchy has disappeared and it is time to stand on our own feet, be a republic. 

Change our flag then you ask? Well, I actually LOVE our flag, Union Jack included.  Moving forward is essential if we are to truly progress and develop our Nation, however our history is not something to ignore and throw away.  As you most of you know, I work in the Community Sector in mental health, my training is Community Development - meaning I am "pro" building stronger, healthier communities that reflect the needs and values of those who make up the community both local and wider ( meaning national values and needs etc).  I remember as a young worker I was involved in planning an event that was aimed at bringing together Community Development workers across the state so we could share ideas and define what community development actually was.

One key speaker at that conference said something that has truly impacted on me and the way I work ever since. Community Development is about building healthy communities, a feature of one such community is one that has a vision for the future and a healthy respect for the past.

Yeah, that says it all for me. Australia's past must never be forgotten or shunned, yes there have been mistakes - all countries make them and mistakes are rarely designated mistakes until after they are made - and we have or are /can learning / learnt from them. But good achievements have been made too by previous generations, individuals  and governments who have paved the way for future visions and pathways that are open to us and our children to achieve our dreams and enjoy a quality lifestyle with meaning and pride.

So the way I see it our flag shows us the Union Jack is represents our past and the stars, our beloved Southern Cross, illuminates our way into the future.

I know there are many views around this topic, my view is quite possibly guided by my heritage of many generations living in this country. If I were indigenous I may share a different view and yes I do acknowledge traditional land owners and I feel proud to see the indigenous flag flying high next to the Australian flag.  This is just my view, today at this stage of my life. I do feel it is balanced and considered, perhaps in time my view may change and develop with new ideas and social happenings.

Do you share differing ideas about the Monarchy? The flag? Our nations' vision?  How do you feel about your country's history and current vision ?  Would love to here about them, I am always open to discussion! Feel free to drop in and share.

So in the meantime, I have extra time to spend how ever I choose. So far I have actually finished one of those "UFO"'s!  Ages ago I received a lovely gift from another blogger who was playing the "paying it forward" containing some precut squares just dying to be made into a cushion, and here it is!


Sima J said...

hmm no Queen aye? It has crossed my mind a couple of times, I think there are too many Poms and monarchy-lovers here that would be horrified at loosing the monarchy. I'm just loving having a day of holiday ;-)Good points though :-)

Catherine said...

Your cushion is gorgeous! Glad you have had a good weekend! Cx

trixi said...

Love the Australian flag and I would hate for it to change... It's part of our history and who we are... As for the monarchy, I'd be happy to say goodbye to the queen... A relic from the past no longer relevant to Australia or Australians... Well that's my opinion at least!