Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Vintage Treasures

It is Tuesday again and wow that went fast!! So this weeks' vintage treasure is
a new treasure - new to me that is!

Last week I found this little darling at an Oppie for  (wait for it) $1!!!
It is an Australian picture too! See the little koala with his bunny mate?
Love it!

And for something a little different, Miss M and I have been playing vintage games.
Hopscotch!  We drew up our hopscotch out the front ,heh heh I could see my anal neighbour going
pale as the chalky mess! Oh no!!! Some years ago I once caught him just about to rouse on my son riding his 
bike with trainer wheels because on of the trainer wheels was trailing a streak of mud on footpath past his house .
There is something very wicked part of me that loves tormenting my neighbour...is that wrong?

Anyway, we have gotten hours of fun from hopscotch - it is so free and so vintage simple.
Love it!


Kelly said...

I have always loved hop-scotch! I wish we had some sort of concrete area to draw it on, for my kidlets. And what a sweet little picture.

Amy said...

hopscotch is a favourite here too.

the kids love it but our dogs always like to join in on the fun and sit right in the middle of the sqaures.

Catherine said...

Hop scotch is a fun vintage game. I think we should do that on the holidays too now that we finally have some concrete at my house to draw on, the little one will love doing that. And I don't think you're wicked at all, he he. xo

Sue said...

Oh hopscotch was a fun game when we were kids too, or we used to play what's the time Mr. Wolf. Your neighbour sounds like a fuddy duddy!