Monday, June 27, 2011

Movie Review

Oranges and Sunshine Poster

Wow, what a tear jerker.  I just loved this movie and cried my eyes out, in fact I was still crying after the movie and teetered on tears later in the supermarket. I have seen / read a significant amount of material relating to the child immigrants from England (this occurred  during the 1950's right up until 1970! Can you imagine). The children were deprived, abused in all possible ways and not educated.  The children were used as labourers, cleaners, cooks, farm hands and not paid, in fact most of them were hit with a debt when reaching leaving age.

This wonderful woman Margaret Humphries, a social worker in Nottingham UK, started a reunification project that became bigger than Ben Hur and a project that has become 25 years worth of work.

The movie is about the fight against governments, how responsibility has been shirked by both countries.
Truly a magnificent movie and a fight that continues and requires our support.


Amy said...

Wow, that does sound like it would be a tear jerker!

Will have to check it out and make sure I have plenty of tissues handy too.

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh yes, isn't the former head of the ABC one of these children & he's leading the suit against what happened to them??
Some mums from school got together to watch this, i had to refrain siting i needed something mindless so a break away group of us went to see Bridesmaids as well, now that was a great movie too, so much better/ deeper/ fabulous than i expected. It was about friendship, not partying, i really enjoyed it. But the week before i saw Water for Elephants, i still had red blubbery eyes as i walked through the shopping centre past all the normal people who hadn't just seen a tear jerker of a movie. Love Posie

Catherine said...

Do you think my wonky hormones could cope?! Cx