Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's Tuesday!

And boy is this going to be a looooong day as I have been up since 3am.  Not sure what woke me up but i just couldn't shake my thoughts away from the movie I saw yesterday; Oranges and Sunshine. Truly devastating stuff and make me all the more committed to my work in the human services sector.

So what do you do a 3am Miss Prudence?

I ponder some UFO's. This pattern is from one of my nan's baby pattern books from the 1940's
it has my mum's name on the cover which meant that nan knitted mum's "layette" from this book.
The pattern has 29 rows to the pattern and it repeated a few times before the lovely leaves appear.
I am feeling more motivated about it as I type.

I read some stories from this book of short stories,  about how others have known God to enter their lives
Being in an Aussie context it is very direct but nonetheless inspiring.
I am enjoying it.

I make pancakes at 6am in wait for the pancake lovers

 Sorry blurred photos

And I surf the net and catch up on information about current events, past events, professional papers
and of course I blog!

So Day 1 of my "Operation Change Me" went ok. I achieved all goals I set included getting to bed at 9:30pm (drat that I woke up at 3am though!) So here is are todays goals:

1. 1 hour exercise
2. A really, really long walk
3. Find a skirt pattern and cut it out
4. Bake something nice for afternoon tea
5. Declutter my tupperware cupboard
6. Make some nice cards
7. Have a play with a UFO or 2!

See you later in the day for " My Vintage Treasures


CurlyPops said...

My sister went to see that movie last week and she loved it too.
Good luck with day one of the new you!

Catherine said...

Liking your plans for the day! Mine...taxiing children and old people!! Cx

Catherine said...

It sounds like you had a productive morning even by 6am when your little people work up. Pancakes in the morning sound delish can I come to your house for breakfast;) xo