Monday, June 27, 2011

It's time......for ME change

Good Monday Morning dearest bloggers, I am home today in fact I am home for the next fortnight. You see, I have been out of whack for so long, my personal motivation is at an all time low, if indeed I have any.   Sure I am enthused, content and feel most competent with my roles as Mum and partner, I love my job BUT i am just not happy with ME.

A mid life crisis I hear you say, well maybe. I feel so uncomfortable in my own skin, I see an amazing world going on around me and yet I am not participating in it as much as I like, or how I think I should.  My internal, personal energy drive is kaput. I am in need of renewal, inspiration, fabulous-isation (that would be the verb).  I want to feel a sparkle, an energy surge, a drive in me that never gives up.  If I am honest with myself and I mean REALLY honest, I have to admit i have been lazy. Too lazy to stretch myself that bit further to get out there.  My self parent is too lazy to let my self child out to play in the rain because that would mean finding the rainboots and raincoat and possibly having to deal with the mess later. And hey, my real life family create enough of this without me doing it too. So phoooey to that life sapping way. Here's to ME change, puddles on the floor (because it only takes a second to wipe them up).

I know it is in me, I just forgot where the switch is located. So this week I going to flick that switch and make over myself.  I mean, REALLY make over myself. I am going to try new styles, I am about to embark on a full on exercise regime, no vino, no slothing around , no half finishing things, no stressing out - I have some time and if I waste it, it's gone.   So welcome to the my self imposed Boot Camp of Me Change - well the first two intensive weeks anyway!   I'll be blogging about my schedule, my achievments, my sooking, fashions, hair, craft and what ever else fits the bill at the time!

Where to now?  downstairs to the rumpus room for

1. 1 hour of working out
2. Lunch : tuna and steamed veg, fruit
3. Movies : Sunshine and Oranges.

I'll be back for more chat this arvo!

xxMiss Prudence


Sonia said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean. Sometimes I feel I'm having an out-of-body experience, watching myself in this world but not being part of it.
Looking forward to hearing about your progress. You must tell us what you think of the movie. I've been wanting to go see it myself.

Just Martha said...

Go you!! Sometimes you just have to be determined. A good thing though is that you are identifying your needs. I think that is very important and a good sign. You are being inspirational you know! You might start a trend...