Thursday, June 30, 2011

Good morning bloggers!
Day 4 and I am feeling considerably better than I did last week. I am loving having some time to myself, setting myself challenges and trying to meet them.

Yesterday I planned to go for a hike, try a new hair do, check my wardrobe out for some "new looks" without having to pay out too much moolah. So I did go for a hike 15km's in fact, 2hours of wonderful fresh air, quietness and vitamin D ( I ditched the SP15 us Australians freak out about leaving the house without) - oooh living dangerously!  

 I kept finding myself feeling like I needed to rush somewhere, that I was in danger of being late - it felt very novel having to reframe my thinking to "i have all the time in the world, now what else can I ponder?"  I let my thoughts drift from item to item : what I will cook, work, kids, finances, what i will make, who has annoyed me or upset me lately. Eventually I arrived at a point where I was just taking in the bridge I was walking across, the reflection of the trees in the river below me, swans feeding in the swamp, happy bike riders passing by ( these lovely ladies pictured above really made me laugh and were an absolute delight to meet momentarily.  I stopped once or twice to munch on a piece of fruit - I ate the most incredible tangello, so juicy I quenched my thirst and actually made a small mud puddle with juice beneath where I sat. Truly, this was an incredible piece of fruit. When was the last time you entered into a moment with a pice of fruit?  Or being in any moment without trying to orchestrate, organise or engineering it - just being part of that moment and letting it happen and being aware of every aspect of it.  Their is a technique called " Mindfulness " it incorporates some Buhddist techniques - but not the religion, it aids relaxation and truly increases our awareness in our lives.  Try it, very good.  I might post some links and info on it soon.

So I was very physically active again, yay!  I got some domestics done and my abode looks very liveable. I found a skirt pattern I am going to use this week - the Besty Kingston Market Skirt. I have had for ages and there is a pattern for Martha contained in it too.

Today, I am going to pick up some Overlocker thread - truly it is high time I got my christmas present put into commission, so slack.  I am going to pull the bread maker out, and more cardio......well this may be a little boring for you all but I am putting it out there for accountability.  

Just in case you dropped by for some craft, here are some super simple cards I made 
combining sewing and punched stars. They take literally less than a minute each card and produce a wonderful clean simple effect that is still special.


'Joyce' said...

oh Miss Prudence, how wonderful. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post. I so love that you were 'in the moment' with the fruit. I so needed this today, I am so tangled and frowny and well just not free right now. It's wonderful to be reminded of the important things in ones day. Thank you for your post, it has unwound me somewhat and I feel clear to move on this afternoon. Your little cards are so lovely, they will bring a smile to the receiver for sure. Have a wonderful sweet day at your place today, thank you for reminding me to 'be'.

Catherine said...

It looks beautiful where you live! lucky girl! Love the cards! Might be "stealing" some ideas?! Cx