Sunday, June 19, 2011

crafty goodness

Time to get serious and deal with the ever growing "stash" that is bursting out of every free space. 
So I got looking and looking and looking through the 
endless piles of patterns I own, then there were all the patterns from cyberspace I have bookmarked .
I got very confused, it gave me a headache.
So I made a coat hanger that reduced my stash by 1 ball of cotton yarn, a scrap of ribbon and 1 button and an old bare hanger.  When things get hard on my head, I get back to basics to clear the stress and restore the enjoyment of the craft at hand. 

My latest fabric flower brooch. I am quite surprised how popular these are becoming with people.
You might remember back in May I made a heap for the mother's day stall at the kids' school, well the feedback i got for them was amazing and even a few orders for them. I have no idea how much to charge for them - what do you think? What would you pay for one of these? I was thinking $10.00??


Amy said...

Love the Brooch! I have no idea with pricing of handmade items, but I would defianlty buy it for $10.

Kelly said...

I think $10 is very reasonable for your brooch - it's lovely!

Catherine said...

You're a clever lady:) I love the coat hanger you made and your brooches are very pretty, a beautiful fashion statement. I think $10 sounds like a fair amount to charge, if you need reassurance I always look at etsy and made it to guide me as well. xo