Thursday, June 30, 2011

Good morning bloggers!
Day 4 and I am feeling considerably better than I did last week. I am loving having some time to myself, setting myself challenges and trying to meet them.

Yesterday I planned to go for a hike, try a new hair do, check my wardrobe out for some "new looks" without having to pay out too much moolah. So I did go for a hike 15km's in fact, 2hours of wonderful fresh air, quietness and vitamin D ( I ditched the SP15 us Australians freak out about leaving the house without) - oooh living dangerously!  

 I kept finding myself feeling like I needed to rush somewhere, that I was in danger of being late - it felt very novel having to reframe my thinking to "i have all the time in the world, now what else can I ponder?"  I let my thoughts drift from item to item : what I will cook, work, kids, finances, what i will make, who has annoyed me or upset me lately. Eventually I arrived at a point where I was just taking in the bridge I was walking across, the reflection of the trees in the river below me, swans feeding in the swamp, happy bike riders passing by ( these lovely ladies pictured above really made me laugh and were an absolute delight to meet momentarily.  I stopped once or twice to munch on a piece of fruit - I ate the most incredible tangello, so juicy I quenched my thirst and actually made a small mud puddle with juice beneath where I sat. Truly, this was an incredible piece of fruit. When was the last time you entered into a moment with a pice of fruit?  Or being in any moment without trying to orchestrate, organise or engineering it - just being part of that moment and letting it happen and being aware of every aspect of it.  Their is a technique called " Mindfulness " it incorporates some Buhddist techniques - but not the religion, it aids relaxation and truly increases our awareness in our lives.  Try it, very good.  I might post some links and info on it soon.

So I was very physically active again, yay!  I got some domestics done and my abode looks very liveable. I found a skirt pattern I am going to use this week - the Besty Kingston Market Skirt. I have had for ages and there is a pattern for Martha contained in it too.

Today, I am going to pick up some Overlocker thread - truly it is high time I got my christmas present put into commission, so slack.  I am going to pull the bread maker out, and more cardio......well this may be a little boring for you all but I am putting it out there for accountability.  

Just in case you dropped by for some craft, here are some super simple cards I made 
combining sewing and punched stars. They take literally less than a minute each card and produce a wonderful clean simple effect that is still special.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday, day 3 of Me change
So my goals yesterday were kind of met.  I did exercise my butt very hard and have been reintroduced to some old muscles - well hello glutes, nice to see you again, what have you been doing in this time? What? Just blobbing around? Hmmm, sounds very lazy to me - you need to live! So enough digressing with me talking to my bum.

I did do some reading and remember "seeking out inspiration" is big on my list.  Well I read a very short synopsis on Caroline Chisolm yesterday and i felt very inspired by her -  i always knew about what she did, but I think I wan tot know more about the woman.  So I got a little inspired to learn.

I did not touch any craft, except when some young friend came over to get some ideas for engagement invitations, looking to my card making skills. Pretty awkward really as i don 't think anyone had any idea of what they liked and wanted the invites out by Friday!!!  I am pretty proud of myself by not leaping in and offering to make them - although I did let them take a loan of some of my most important basic card making tools - so I hope i don't get paper craft inspired today or this week!

So day 3, I think I will have to look to some domestics, but here are my hopes

1. Go for hike (2hours)
2. bake some bread
3. get some domestics done
4. try a new hair do
5. find 2 new outfits in my wardrobe
6. ????

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's Tuesday!

And boy is this going to be a looooong day as I have been up since 3am.  Not sure what woke me up but i just couldn't shake my thoughts away from the movie I saw yesterday; Oranges and Sunshine. Truly devastating stuff and make me all the more committed to my work in the human services sector.

So what do you do a 3am Miss Prudence?

I ponder some UFO's. This pattern is from one of my nan's baby pattern books from the 1940's
it has my mum's name on the cover which meant that nan knitted mum's "layette" from this book.
The pattern has 29 rows to the pattern and it repeated a few times before the lovely leaves appear.
I am feeling more motivated about it as I type.

I read some stories from this book of short stories,  about how others have known God to enter their lives
Being in an Aussie context it is very direct but nonetheless inspiring.
I am enjoying it.

I make pancakes at 6am in wait for the pancake lovers

 Sorry blurred photos

And I surf the net and catch up on information about current events, past events, professional papers
and of course I blog!

So Day 1 of my "Operation Change Me" went ok. I achieved all goals I set included getting to bed at 9:30pm (drat that I woke up at 3am though!) So here is are todays goals:

1. 1 hour exercise
2. A really, really long walk
3. Find a skirt pattern and cut it out
4. Bake something nice for afternoon tea
5. Declutter my tupperware cupboard
6. Make some nice cards
7. Have a play with a UFO or 2!

See you later in the day for " My Vintage Treasures

Monday, June 27, 2011

Movie Review

Oranges and Sunshine Poster

Wow, what a tear jerker.  I just loved this movie and cried my eyes out, in fact I was still crying after the movie and teetered on tears later in the supermarket. I have seen / read a significant amount of material relating to the child immigrants from England (this occurred  during the 1950's right up until 1970! Can you imagine). The children were deprived, abused in all possible ways and not educated.  The children were used as labourers, cleaners, cooks, farm hands and not paid, in fact most of them were hit with a debt when reaching leaving age.

This wonderful woman Margaret Humphries, a social worker in Nottingham UK, started a reunification project that became bigger than Ben Hur and a project that has become 25 years worth of work.

The movie is about the fight against governments, how responsibility has been shirked by both countries.
Truly a magnificent movie and a fight that continues and requires our support.

It's time......for ME change

Good Monday Morning dearest bloggers, I am home today in fact I am home for the next fortnight. You see, I have been out of whack for so long, my personal motivation is at an all time low, if indeed I have any.   Sure I am enthused, content and feel most competent with my roles as Mum and partner, I love my job BUT i am just not happy with ME.

A mid life crisis I hear you say, well maybe. I feel so uncomfortable in my own skin, I see an amazing world going on around me and yet I am not participating in it as much as I like, or how I think I should.  My internal, personal energy drive is kaput. I am in need of renewal, inspiration, fabulous-isation (that would be the verb).  I want to feel a sparkle, an energy surge, a drive in me that never gives up.  If I am honest with myself and I mean REALLY honest, I have to admit i have been lazy. Too lazy to stretch myself that bit further to get out there.  My self parent is too lazy to let my self child out to play in the rain because that would mean finding the rainboots and raincoat and possibly having to deal with the mess later. And hey, my real life family create enough of this without me doing it too. So phoooey to that life sapping way. Here's to ME change, puddles on the floor (because it only takes a second to wipe them up).

I know it is in me, I just forgot where the switch is located. So this week I going to flick that switch and make over myself.  I mean, REALLY make over myself. I am going to try new styles, I am about to embark on a full on exercise regime, no vino, no slothing around , no half finishing things, no stressing out - I have some time and if I waste it, it's gone.   So welcome to the my self imposed Boot Camp of Me Change - well the first two intensive weeks anyway!   I'll be blogging about my schedule, my achievments, my sooking, fashions, hair, craft and what ever else fits the bill at the time!

Where to now?  downstairs to the rumpus room for

1. 1 hour of working out
2. Lunch : tuna and steamed veg, fruit
3. Movies : Sunshine and Oranges.

I'll be back for more chat this arvo!

xxMiss Prudence

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Vintage Treasures

It is Tuesday again and wow that went fast!! So this weeks' vintage treasure is
a new treasure - new to me that is!

Last week I found this little darling at an Oppie for  (wait for it) $1!!!
It is an Australian picture too! See the little koala with his bunny mate?
Love it!

And for something a little different, Miss M and I have been playing vintage games.
Hopscotch!  We drew up our hopscotch out the front ,heh heh I could see my anal neighbour going
pale as the chalky mess! Oh no!!! Some years ago I once caught him just about to rouse on my son riding his 
bike with trainer wheels because on of the trainer wheels was trailing a streak of mud on footpath past his house .
There is something very wicked part of me that loves tormenting my that wrong?

Anyway, we have gotten hours of fun from hopscotch - it is so free and so vintage simple.
Love it!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

crafty goodness

Time to get serious and deal with the ever growing "stash" that is bursting out of every free space. 
So I got looking and looking and looking through the 
endless piles of patterns I own, then there were all the patterns from cyberspace I have bookmarked .
I got very confused, it gave me a headache.
So I made a coat hanger that reduced my stash by 1 ball of cotton yarn, a scrap of ribbon and 1 button and an old bare hanger.  When things get hard on my head, I get back to basics to clear the stress and restore the enjoyment of the craft at hand. 

My latest fabric flower brooch. I am quite surprised how popular these are becoming with people.
You might remember back in May I made a heap for the mother's day stall at the kids' school, well the feedback i got for them was amazing and even a few orders for them. I have no idea how much to charge for them - what do you think? What would you pay for one of these? I was thinking $10.00??

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Vintage Treasures

These little guys have been with me since I was seven.
I spied them at my Nana's (Madge) house and I begged her for them.
They are from the 1950's, the spotty pattern is getting a smidge worn
these days but I still love seeing them in my kitchen each morning.

Thanks for dropping by for My Vintage Treasure. Do you have some vintage treasure that you adore?
Perhaps it has an interesting story attatched to it or it was a super buy / find at an oppy or market!
How about sharing it?

xx Miss Prudence

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Thanks for the Weekend Queenie!

It's a long weekend in most parts of Australia and we are enjoying the prospects of having a long weekend before us. It's a present we get for having a Queen, remaining loyal to the Commonwealth.  Being Aussies we leap at any opportunity to recreate, so weekends such as this we put aside any ideas against the Monarchy we may hold (if indeed we do hold them) and we tips our lids to Lizzie and enjoy the extra time off work, school, the daily grind. Hypocrisy? Maybe. I have felt for a long time that the relevancy of  Australia having a Monarchy has disappeared and it is time to stand on our own feet, be a republic. 

Change our flag then you ask? Well, I actually LOVE our flag, Union Jack included.  Moving forward is essential if we are to truly progress and develop our Nation, however our history is not something to ignore and throw away.  As you most of you know, I work in the Community Sector in mental health, my training is Community Development - meaning I am "pro" building stronger, healthier communities that reflect the needs and values of those who make up the community both local and wider ( meaning national values and needs etc).  I remember as a young worker I was involved in planning an event that was aimed at bringing together Community Development workers across the state so we could share ideas and define what community development actually was.

One key speaker at that conference said something that has truly impacted on me and the way I work ever since. Community Development is about building healthy communities, a feature of one such community is one that has a vision for the future and a healthy respect for the past.

Yeah, that says it all for me. Australia's past must never be forgotten or shunned, yes there have been mistakes - all countries make them and mistakes are rarely designated mistakes until after they are made - and we have or are /can learning / learnt from them. But good achievements have been made too by previous generations, individuals  and governments who have paved the way for future visions and pathways that are open to us and our children to achieve our dreams and enjoy a quality lifestyle with meaning and pride.

So the way I see it our flag shows us the Union Jack is represents our past and the stars, our beloved Southern Cross, illuminates our way into the future.

I know there are many views around this topic, my view is quite possibly guided by my heritage of many generations living in this country. If I were indigenous I may share a different view and yes I do acknowledge traditional land owners and I feel proud to see the indigenous flag flying high next to the Australian flag.  This is just my view, today at this stage of my life. I do feel it is balanced and considered, perhaps in time my view may change and develop with new ideas and social happenings.

Do you share differing ideas about the Monarchy? The flag? Our nations' vision?  How do you feel about your country's history and current vision ?  Would love to here about them, I am always open to discussion! Feel free to drop in and share.

So in the meantime, I have extra time to spend how ever I choose. So far I have actually finished one of those "UFO"'s!  Ages ago I received a lovely gift from another blogger who was playing the "paying it forward" containing some precut squares just dying to be made into a cushion, and here it is!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

things I am loving.....

Joining in with Paisley Jade for things that I am loving.  I just LOVED doing a give away on my blog. I really enjoyed being able to have a little fun with a give away, so much so i am going to make it a regular event on my blog....I love giving.

I am also loving

My new Peter Alexander sleepwear that Mr G bought me, he is so romantic!

My clover yoyo maker, now what do I do with them!!

Playing UNO with the family

Ganging up on Mr G with the kids...crazy Mr G is always uniquely resourceful when he has too many cards to hold!  PS this is his crazy face, he looks much nicer than this usually!

Life is good, there is always something to love not just "things". What are you loving this week?
Join in and share with us!

Announcing the Winner!!!!

I am soooooo EXCITED !!!! 14 beautiful bloggers signed up for my first give away! 
Thank you my lovely friends for following my blog, connecting with me, sharing moments - day to day and
the special ones too, yours and mine...I cannot put into words how much support I gain from you all. You are all
so very special to me xxxx

But only one could win and the winner is....

The lovely Amy

You have won a crochet book of bag patterns,  some pretty braid, one of my fabric flower brooches and 
a pretty Mozi bag. Mmm lovely! 
I hope you like this giftie Amy. 

Monday, June 6, 2011


Dear friends, today is the 6th June and I should be announcing the winner of my give away. But I am laid up in bed with a dreadful bug feel oh so sick. So, if it is alright with you, I might delay the draw until Thursday, so if you have not signed up for a chance to win a nice little surprise : Hint - it will be crafty and crochety! - then sign up now here

Saturday, June 4, 2011

things I am loving.....

Joining in with Paisley Jade 

The difference that a bringing a bit of nature into my home makes, and there is so much choice
nature offers us. Truly a blessed gift to have such access.

Ok, bit  of materialism - my new wallet, such a 70's design. Delicious.

I am loving ballet and even though the constant taxiing to and from lessons, exams, rehearsals, productions, laddered tights, perfect buns and even the odd parent that wants to cause problems amongst the others mothers by inciting competition and dare I say it bitching and whinging - can all be wearing to a gal that was a swimmer ( in those days all you needed was a swim cap and cozzie, you turned up and swam your heart out!).  Truly this is year number six (!!!!) and I still feel challenged by it all....BUT

She is captured by the romance of dance. Her heart dances as her legs dance. The smile she smiles when dancing, when receiving praise from her teacher just radiates joy. And when I see this I am reminded that  it is not about me, that her joy is my joy and my reward....and it is moments such as these I am reminded to relish such joy, take in everything, make what's in front of me an indelible memory because one day she will be off experiencing joyful times and I won't have privileged seating. These times are truly mine and I will cherish these times despite any minor discomfort.