Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Updates! Give away and Leila Howard test

Well my giveaway is coming along nicely! So far I have a good number of dear bloggy friends
signing up for a chance to get a surprise in the post ! I you would like to be in the running for a nice little package sign up here to be in the running. 
I have just finished the brooch and must say it is a lovely indeed! The book is a lovely crochet book: new, and there will be some nice bits and bobs too!!! So add yourself to my followers AND leave a comment on the link! I am so excited!!!!!

Leila Howard Test update: 

Ok, so my motivation is still low, at this stage my resolve cannot risk 
rejection! So Anzac biscuits were the next item : page 96. 
You will note that Ellen Sinclair's photo has to represent the Leila Howard test, i can't find
anything out about Leila although my mum says (most helpfully- not) "she was a cook in the 50's"! Thanks mum!

Tonight I will be making a main dish and report back tomorrow.

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