Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Tullster turns 10

Ten years ago I gave birth our second child, a son, Tully.

He was a sweet, gentle and contented baby with the sweetest ears. 
He had and still does have a large spot on his head. I called this the kissing spot and it got kissed. A lot.


Tully is one of the most unique people I know.

I love knowing Tully. I love that he is a part of me and I him.



 Tully LOVES rainbows. Once when he was 6 he saw a rainbow in the sky before school. He tore around the house making SO much noise to alert all attention to the wonder in the sky. Later he confided in me that he energy was rainbow charged and that he would be fully energised for the day.  I will always remember that happy face that day going off to school.

So naturally his birthday is always, well mostly rainbow themed. I love to make a birthday card that reflects each person's personality.

Lego was the big thing, it always is and the haul was huge!

Lucky little monkey 

Then there was the CAKE. You have all seen "the" Rainbow extravaganza cake
made by many Mums around Blogs. 

Being Mother to Rainbow Boy (yes he has trade marked that name and even created a 
comic strip for the ultimate super hero!) I just had to give it a go.
I used Betty Crocker cake mixes, as one blogger pointed out " Betty's been making cakes for a long time" and given my time was limited by lots of happenings that weekend I also used her frosting.

This cake is about 6 layers high. Now here is where my creation went overboard unwittingly, I used sponge sandwich pans but should of divided the mixture into three per packet. I divided into two and got....

A huge, huge. huge cake!

 So funny! It was a nightmare to ice and I had to use skewers to reninforce it.

Tully LOVED it and the guests were totally impressed and it tasted 


Catherine said...

Happy double figure birthday Tully! Wow what a beauty of a cake, looks great. It sounds like he had a great time and a very special rainbow extravaganza. I love his card:) Happy Sunday to you. xo

CurlyPops said...

I'm a big fan of Mrs Crocker too! That cake looks AMAZING... yummo.

Vik said...

Hahahaha oh Miss P that is the best cake ever!! Hilarious and fabulous at the same time. Happy birthday Rainbow Boy x

Catherine said...

Happy Birthday Tully! WHAT A CAKE!! FANTABULOUS!! Cx

trixi said...

That cake is SO amazing. I LOVE IT! it reminds me of the sort of cake you would write a kids book about with a title like 'Tully and his magical rainbow birthday cake' or 'The Adventures of the Great Enormous Rainbow Cake'
Happy Birthday Tully!!deleyra

Sue said...

Happy 10th Birthday Tully. The cake looks amazing, what super bright colors.

Kylie said...

OMG! Tully's rainbow cake looks absolutely fantastic! An enormous edible rainbow, perfect for your "Rainbow Boy"

Sima J said...

VERY amaaaazing cake!! Super impressed!