Monday, May 23, 2011

Taking the Leila Howard test

Do you ever lose interest in cooking?  I mean really lose interest. Well I have, big time. Probably a combination of three thankless mouths that apparently have changeable palates (grrrr) and that I have recently taken on a temporary increase in hours at work.  But now I am bored and whilst Mr G makes a mean spag bol, the remainder of his repertoire is...ummmm.....ummmm,  need I say more, God Bless him for being kind enough to cook for his knackered lil wifey.

Soooo, I have decided to give myself a challenge that will reboot my kitchen prowess ( I used to really enjoy cooking and turnout some pretty yummo dishes!). But all these flash cook books i have just aren't inspiring me at all. So for fun, I have pulled out this old beauty.

The Australian Women's Weekly Cook Book 1970 vintage.

It belonged to my Grandpop's 3rd wife, and whilst she was a miserable old bag, she sure lived up to her CWA membership with her cooking and knitting.  The slip cover has been long lost, and the cover is actually detached from the book, all in all it's pretty knocked about. But, full of vintage classics to tempt the taste buds of the family and maybe dazzle my friends with a 70's style dinner party!

I have decided to take the Leila Howard test ( Ellen Sinclair the food editor assures me that each recipe has been tested in Leila's kitchen)

So in the fine tradition of "Julia and Julia" I am going cook my way through this book. But where to begin?

Appertisers? Ah, yeah, maybe not tonight!
Best to take things slowly, maybe I will start with the basics. Something I can't go too with, boost my cooking mojo with.
So the obvious choice is

Page 196 : Pumpkin scones! Oh good one Flo!

Would you like to join me in the Leila Howard Test Challenge? Let me know and I'll set up a
link, maybe even a button!  Well off to have a cuppa and a scone yum yum!


Catherine said...

I hear you with changing palates, I have a few fussy mouths to eat in my house too but I try not to get too upset now but it gets frustrating. I think going with old fashioned recipes are the best or I love my Super Food Ideas book, simple and no fancy ingredients. I'll join you in your cooking quest and try and do my best to cook along. :)

Catherine said...

I NEVER know what to cook! Here is another house full of fussy eaters! Keep us posted in how you get on with your test! Cx

Sonia said...

Yep. Been there done that. It's yuk when your cooking mojo goes and you still need to plonk a meal on the table every day. Also I find that the meals are very ordinary tasting when the mojo goes.

Sue said...

My cooking mojo has been gone for quite a while, especially when you have 2 kids who dont like the same things and one other who complains that we dont have anything different that he likes, and that the kids wont eat. The CWA book sounds like a good one.

Kylie said...

I loved the Julia Julia book...I came across it by chance at the library and have read it three times..this was way before the movie...the book is MUCH better...I didn't like the movie and didn't watch it all...anyway
have you read the book? If you haven't you really should. It's fab.
Goodluck with your retro cook-a-thon, I'll be keeping an eye on your progress.