Monday, May 2, 2011

Oh the beauty of youth

Faux pas: The Princesses have come under fire for their outlandish outfits

So you think I going to join with the rest of the world and have a go at those hats? 
Nope, I am not, no, no, no, no.

Ok, so the outfits may not of made the best dressed list, but hey they stood out, and God love them
there they were two fresh faced sisters  21 and 22 years old, excited to be a part of it.  There to see their cousin get married, party with all their cousins, see their Nan and Pop. You know how much fun a family wedding can be!

They planned these outfits, shopped hard for them, worked out hard to fit in them.
And what do we do? We laugh at them! I am seeing  so much of this mean spirited"attacking" around the place, even occurring on blogs of self professed  "born mummies" too!  Celebrate the wedding by all means, it was fabulous - but keep a balanced focus too bloggers, after all we bloggers do that well!

Slamming two young things that are powerless to defend themselves. Can't we see that this IS bullying . I wonder how their self esteem is faring this week? Fergie and Andrew must be itching to bop someone, I know i would. 

I ask you dear bloggers, what would you do if these were your girls being bullied?  Please folks, look under those hats and see those young faces.  Why do we think these young women are fair game?  To mock and trash - BULLY them and yes I say bullying because that is what it is.  Just like we did to their mum (well I didn't , i love Fergie no matter how she slips up!) . Remember those faces have feelings too, doesn't matter how privileged they are or are not .  Would you accept this for your 21 year old because she made a fashion oops?  Did you not ever make a monumental fashion mistake? 

I made heaps at that age : the tangerine suit with the shawl collar,  the big hair, the teased hair, 
the Thompson twins look, the list is ENDLESS!  Truth is I STILL make them!  Ugh!

Frankly I would LOVE to wear something from Vivian Westwood - 
how brave!  Let's face it, the English aristocracy are a wacky mob and hats are as competitive as 
fox hunting!  So this was an olympian effort and good bloody on them I say, they won gold!  

As I get older I realise the easy thing to do is to scorn the young - begrudge them the journey of discovery.  But let me share the true challenge of aging : appreciating the beauty of the young, smiling at the daggy,  fool hardy, wacky, misinformed choices and remembering that you were there too once. 

We are still role models,  teaching by example : wonderful!

I would love to read your comments on this too, how do you feel about bullying on any scale?

xxMiss Prudence


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! Finally someone with a decent heart! I feel the same as you and think they have been unfairly attacked all over the media as well. I think to wear those hats, they are commendable, they knew they would stand out and I applaud them. I actually love the tradition of wearing them and wish it was more of a tradition here too. Great post! Have a lovely day!

Just Martha said...

Very eloquent post!! And so true. It is really too easy to mock and yes, people do forget the person. I really like this post.

Sue said...

Good on you for this post! I am sure their mother would be very proud of them on that day!

willywagtail said...

Thankyou for the reminder. We all need it constantly. Cherrie

Kara said...

You are so right. Normally, I would have said the same thing, but sadly I fell into the trap of talking badly of them as well.

Thank you for the reminder. :)

hester said...

Such a clear sighted and kind post. You are a gem and thanks for pointing this out. I wish the whole world could read it.

trixi said...

Miss Prudence you are SO right. Ridiculing and rubbishing other people is such a useless and negative activity. I often wonder why journalists bother to write horrible articles about actors/models etc where they just tear the person apart...usually when the are already down...easy article to write I guess and not much thinking needed...waste of time and space.

Kylie said...

I like what you said about the pretty princesses...I think they actually look quite gorgeous myself.

'Joyce' said...

Miss Prudence for PM - I say. Totally agree, oh so totally agree. I do not get it at all. I scrolled down your posts, saw the photo of the girls and instantly thought 'oh no' I almost 'x'ed out because I didn't want to see or hear about this anymore. lol. Then I stopped, because I love your blog and I love what you have to say. I was almost scared to hear what you had to say simply because everything I had heard about these beautiful girls has been nothing but nasty. I am so glad I read on and this only confirms to me what a wonderful wonderful soul you really are. I make bad fashion choices every single day. You know what tho, I am turning 42 this year and I am over not being 'trendy' or whatever the word is. I like what I like and it's just that simple. There are so many people that don't have the freedom we have. Thank you, bless you.