Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Vintage Treasures

Mr G bought me this in March 1992, the first year we were married.
At the time I was not impressed,  I was a young, super lonely new Army wife, living in 
Adelaide and missing all my friends and family left behind in Canberra. 
I guess I was hoping for something like flowers and decadence. 
Years later I look at it and see nothing but romance, Mr G knew that the phone
was my only connection to my loved ones, the phone looked just like the one 
at my beloved nana's house and he knew I adored old stuff. Shame I didn't possess such insight
in 1992,  Mr G would not of had to endure seeing a crumpled face for his wonderful gesture.

The phone actually worked and we did use it. It rang loudly in the old house we rented,
the receiver was so heavy I did nearly knock myself out a few times answering the phone in haste!
It now has its own cubby hole in the wall unit in our family and attracts attention from many 
a visitor.


Kylie said...

love your phone...sounds like you've got a very nice husband there...

Amy said...

I giggled at you almost knocking yourself out with it. Sorry!

I love old phones and have been eyeing off a gorgeous pink one on etsy.

What a sweet gesture from your husband.

Just Martha said...

What a lovely story!! Glad there was no concussion!!

Catherine said...

I love your old phone, what a sweet gift from our hubby:) My brother and I used to play with one of those phones when we were little, I think Mum still has it, ahh the good old days. xo

Catherine said...

I love it! It just conjures up images of old movies! Lovely! Cx

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

what a great phone- My grandmothers too had these when I was growing up!