Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Vintage Treasures

 I am a collector of the old stuff.  I am sure I was born in the wrong era, I should of been a homemaker pre 1970 I am sure ,but after 1920, there are certain era's I won't consider of course, if I have of been born in suffragette times I would of been too busy to collect curio and probably in jail being force fed!

I really enjoy checking out Vintage treasures from other blogs and often see items I have too floating around.  So today I am going to begin showing of some of my fave items and tell a little bit about its history  as many of my pieces come from relatives.

Please play along too if you like, if there is enough interest we can organise a link on a specified day.

Today's Vintage Treasure is this sweet little tea service. The teapot would be a two cup pot and has the dearest little shaped spout. The pattern is embossed and I love the gentle shade of blue. Made in England, each piece is numbered and the brand is "SlyvaC", it has been suggested that the age is around 1930's - 40s.

I was given this set by my Aunt, it belonged to her Mother-in-law, whom I knew all my life as Aunty June.
Aunty June was  a close friend of my Nana - they met as school mums and were good friends and eventually family when their son and daughter married.  Aunty June passed away a few years ago in a nursing home.

I love this little set and one day if my cousin has a daughter, I will give it to her.

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Catherine said...

I LOVE the little set! So pretty and what a gorgeous colour! Trying to think of anything vintage around here to "Show and Tell" but all I can come up with is me (or Peter!!). Looking forward to seeing more of your treasures. Cx