Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Vintage Treasures

Mr G bought me this in March 1992, the first year we were married.
At the time I was not impressed,  I was a young, super lonely new Army wife, living in 
Adelaide and missing all my friends and family left behind in Canberra. 
I guess I was hoping for something like flowers and decadence. 
Years later I look at it and see nothing but romance, Mr G knew that the phone
was my only connection to my loved ones, the phone looked just like the one 
at my beloved nana's house and he knew I adored old stuff. Shame I didn't possess such insight
in 1992,  Mr G would not of had to endure seeing a crumpled face for his wonderful gesture.

The phone actually worked and we did use it. It rang loudly in the old house we rented,
the receiver was so heavy I did nearly knock myself out a few times answering the phone in haste!
It now has its own cubby hole in the wall unit in our family and attracts attention from many 
a visitor.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Coffee in bed
Check blog, read the Age on Ipad.
Receive a few visitors in bed, brainstorm potential activities for the day
Kid #1 and Mr G to footy. Nag kid #1 about mouth gaurd, warm clothes, water bottle etc.
Mediate a few debates from bed.
Eat toast and more coffee in bed.
Finally move from said bed and get dressed.

Today's  agenda
boys : footy, and ???
girls: shopping trip to one of the more glamourous shopping centre's,
cafe stop (the one that sells very swish cupcakes) , smiggle (to replace some missing erasers- serious incident apparently), mooch around David Jones, another cafe stop, lunch, toy shop, and what ever catches our eye. 
NB* NO boys.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

things I am loving.....

Joining in with Paisley Jade (click on blog button) to share some loving!

I am loving that my darling Mr G is home again and we are co parenting, I take my hat off to all single parents that face solo parenting day in day out, it can be a very lonely road.

This week I am loving of lovely accessories

this deer little button brooch

this glass pendant

my new bangle

 flicking through volumes of vintage craft periodicals

this cushion that was sent to me in the 2011 cushion swap by Beck

I am loving this link and enjoy visiting blogs both new and old to me, and seeing 
what inspires you all.  Thanks for visiting and why not scroll down and sign up for my giveaway.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thankfully Thursday

Oh what a week so far, flying solo with Mr G away.  Kid #1 has had what seems to be a migraine and been off school,  I have had a full plate at work and if I am honest feeling drained by needy friends, being caught in the cross fire of imploding people (is it just me or should one keep some sort of  self containment to ensure the safety of others? Hmmm?)

Anyway, on with the craft and on with another installment of the Leila Howard Test Kitchen Challenge!

Here is the cushion I made for the 2011 Cushion Swap.  I actually up-cycled a lovely duck egg blue silk cushion cover. I added a mega fabric flower and a felt centre. Pretty cute huh? Off it went to the land of the long white cloud.

Wednesday night menu: Tuna spaghetti casserole

I think you and I might call this Tuna bake LOL - I gave this a go because my kids will eat this,
it used mustard in its white sauce,  overall it was ok. Kids liked it and the mustard was a good idea.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Vintage Treasures

 I am a collector of the old stuff.  I am sure I was born in the wrong era, I should of been a homemaker pre 1970 I am sure ,but after 1920, there are certain era's I won't consider of course, if I have of been born in suffragette times I would of been too busy to collect curio and probably in jail being force fed!

I really enjoy checking out Vintage treasures from other blogs and often see items I have too floating around.  So today I am going to begin showing of some of my fave items and tell a little bit about its history  as many of my pieces come from relatives.

Please play along too if you like, if there is enough interest we can organise a link on a specified day.

Today's Vintage Treasure is this sweet little tea service. The teapot would be a two cup pot and has the dearest little shaped spout. The pattern is embossed and I love the gentle shade of blue. Made in England, each piece is numbered and the brand is "SlyvaC", it has been suggested that the age is around 1930's - 40s.

I was given this set by my Aunt, it belonged to her Mother-in-law, whom I knew all my life as Aunty June.
Aunty June was  a close friend of my Nana - they met as school mums and were good friends and eventually family when their son and daughter married.  Aunty June passed away a few years ago in a nursing home.

I love this little set and one day if my cousin has a daughter, I will give it to her.

Updates! Give away and Leila Howard test

Well my giveaway is coming along nicely! So far I have a good number of dear bloggy friends
signing up for a chance to get a surprise in the post ! I you would like to be in the running for a nice little package sign up here to be in the running. 
I have just finished the brooch and must say it is a lovely indeed! The book is a lovely crochet book: new, and there will be some nice bits and bobs too!!! So add yourself to my followers AND leave a comment on the link! I am so excited!!!!!

Leila Howard Test update: 

Ok, so my motivation is still low, at this stage my resolve cannot risk 
rejection! So Anzac biscuits were the next item : page 96. 
You will note that Ellen Sinclair's photo has to represent the Leila Howard test, i can't find
anything out about Leila although my mum says (most helpfully- not) "she was a cook in the 50's"! Thanks mum!

Tonight I will be making a main dish and report back tomorrow.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Taking the Leila Howard test

Do you ever lose interest in cooking?  I mean really lose interest. Well I have, big time. Probably a combination of three thankless mouths that apparently have changeable palates (grrrr) and that I have recently taken on a temporary increase in hours at work.  But now I am bored and whilst Mr G makes a mean spag bol, the remainder of his repertoire is...ummmm.....ummmm,  need I say more, God Bless him for being kind enough to cook for his knackered lil wifey.

Soooo, I have decided to give myself a challenge that will reboot my kitchen prowess ( I used to really enjoy cooking and turnout some pretty yummo dishes!). But all these flash cook books i have just aren't inspiring me at all. So for fun, I have pulled out this old beauty.

The Australian Women's Weekly Cook Book 1970 vintage.

It belonged to my Grandpop's 3rd wife, and whilst she was a miserable old bag, she sure lived up to her CWA membership with her cooking and knitting.  The slip cover has been long lost, and the cover is actually detached from the book, all in all it's pretty knocked about. But, full of vintage classics to tempt the taste buds of the family and maybe dazzle my friends with a 70's style dinner party!

I have decided to take the Leila Howard test ( Ellen Sinclair the food editor assures me that each recipe has been tested in Leila's kitchen)

So in the fine tradition of "Julia and Julia" I am going cook my way through this book. But where to begin?

Appertisers? Ah, yeah, maybe not tonight!
Best to take things slowly, maybe I will start with the basics. Something I can't go too with, boost my cooking mojo with.
So the obvious choice is

Page 196 : Pumpkin scones! Oh good one Flo!

Would you like to join me in the Leila Howard Test Challenge? Let me know and I'll set up a
link, maybe even a button!  Well off to have a cuppa and a scone yum yum!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Tullster turns 10

Ten years ago I gave birth our second child, a son, Tully.

He was a sweet, gentle and contented baby with the sweetest ears. 
He had and still does have a large spot on his head. I called this the kissing spot and it got kissed. A lot.


Tully is one of the most unique people I know.

I love knowing Tully. I love that he is a part of me and I him.



 Tully LOVES rainbows. Once when he was 6 he saw a rainbow in the sky before school. He tore around the house making SO much noise to alert all attention to the wonder in the sky. Later he confided in me that he energy was rainbow charged and that he would be fully energised for the day.  I will always remember that happy face that day going off to school.

So naturally his birthday is always, well mostly rainbow themed. I love to make a birthday card that reflects each person's personality.

Lego was the big thing, it always is and the haul was huge!

Lucky little monkey 

Then there was the CAKE. You have all seen "the" Rainbow extravaganza cake
made by many Mums around Blogs. 

Being Mother to Rainbow Boy (yes he has trade marked that name and even created a 
comic strip for the ultimate super hero!) I just had to give it a go.
I used Betty Crocker cake mixes, as one blogger pointed out " Betty's been making cakes for a long time" and given my time was limited by lots of happenings that weekend I also used her frosting.

This cake is about 6 layers high. Now here is where my creation went overboard unwittingly, I used sponge sandwich pans but should of divided the mixture into three per packet. I divided into two and got....

A huge, huge. huge cake!

 So funny! It was a nightmare to ice and I had to use skewers to reninforce it.

Tully LOVED it and the guests were totally impressed and it tasted 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Give away!

Yes indeedy, I am having a give away. My first give away to be precise.

I am giving away one of my fabric flower brooches, a surprise book and a "lucky dip"
I promise it will be nice.  

So here's what you do to be in the running. If you are not following my blog yet then follow me and Join my blog, I love new mates you know.
Leave a comment, I just adore comments. If you would like to, spread the 
word on your blog and link back to this post- that would be awfully kind.

I will show the give away in my next post.

And the draw will happen June 2nd.

I can't wait to spoil one of my fellow bloggers!!! So sign up today my lovelies everyone is welcome.

xxxMiss Prudence

Friday, May 6, 2011

things I am loving.....

Joining in with Paisley Jade for thing I'm loving today

the last of the season's roses

Vintage Wallpaper Bridal Shower Umbrella Pretty Dresses Rain Pattern Retro Gift Birthday Flea Market Parasol Floral Bouquet Yellow Polka Dot Eggshell Blue
    This cute vintage print the type that reminds me of being at my Nan's

Sarah Kay images that remind me of birthday cards from my childhood

Monday, May 2, 2011

Oh the beauty of youth

Faux pas: The Princesses have come under fire for their outlandish outfits

So you think I going to join with the rest of the world and have a go at those hats? 
Nope, I am not, no, no, no, no.

Ok, so the outfits may not of made the best dressed list, but hey they stood out, and God love them
there they were two fresh faced sisters  21 and 22 years old, excited to be a part of it.  There to see their cousin get married, party with all their cousins, see their Nan and Pop. You know how much fun a family wedding can be!

They planned these outfits, shopped hard for them, worked out hard to fit in them.
And what do we do? We laugh at them! I am seeing  so much of this mean spirited"attacking" around the place, even occurring on blogs of self professed  "born mummies" too!  Celebrate the wedding by all means, it was fabulous - but keep a balanced focus too bloggers, after all we bloggers do that well!

Slamming two young things that are powerless to defend themselves. Can't we see that this IS bullying . I wonder how their self esteem is faring this week? Fergie and Andrew must be itching to bop someone, I know i would. 

I ask you dear bloggers, what would you do if these were your girls being bullied?  Please folks, look under those hats and see those young faces.  Why do we think these young women are fair game?  To mock and trash - BULLY them and yes I say bullying because that is what it is.  Just like we did to their mum (well I didn't , i love Fergie no matter how she slips up!) . Remember those faces have feelings too, doesn't matter how privileged they are or are not .  Would you accept this for your 21 year old because she made a fashion oops?  Did you not ever make a monumental fashion mistake? 

I made heaps at that age : the tangerine suit with the shawl collar,  the big hair, the teased hair, 
the Thompson twins look, the list is ENDLESS!  Truth is I STILL make them!  Ugh!

Frankly I would LOVE to wear something from Vivian Westwood - 
how brave!  Let's face it, the English aristocracy are a wacky mob and hats are as competitive as 
fox hunting!  So this was an olympian effort and good bloody on them I say, they won gold!  

As I get older I realise the easy thing to do is to scorn the young - begrudge them the journey of discovery.  But let me share the true challenge of aging : appreciating the beauty of the young, smiling at the daggy,  fool hardy, wacky, misinformed choices and remembering that you were there too once. 

We are still role models,  teaching by example : wonderful!

I would love to read your comments on this too, how do you feel about bullying on any scale?

xxMiss Prudence