Saturday, April 30, 2011

Things I am loving.....

This week has been a hard week for me, a sad week. As most 
of you know I work in human services and sometimes you come up against
painful situations, situations that challenge you and can sometimes
bring you to tears. 

Tears it was when I was presented with the news that
someone I had worked closely with had passed away over the Easter 
break.  This person had faced incredible challenges in life - the type which
is generally unimaginable to the likes of me and you.

 I won't be saying more than that, except that it is with genuine sadness I feel each time 
it flickers through my mind that this person is gone from this world. 

So life is what I am loving. 

Joining with Paisley Jade and here is what I am loving this week

5 minute crochet hearts, decorated with buttons by Martha

Our crazy sweet Cavoodle Harry, who adores us so much, but 
loves assuming a human stance when it comes to sleeping.

This how I found him this week! Have we compromised the Master /
dog balance?

Martha baking

This sweet nest brooch I picked up in Tasmania.

Sorry about the blurry photo, but the photographer ( one of my sons)
did his best for me.
I made this top and finally used this motif I crocheted last year.

I am loving this new stamp set - I  so loved my metallic orange 
dragster in the 1970's.  Banana seat so comfy to cruise around
the streets of the Canberra suburb in which I grew up.


Just Martha said...

Sorry that your friend passed away. What a touching post...

PaisleyJade said...

All my love at the loss of your friend. So sad - and life is so precious. Loving your crochet motif being put to good use and your cute as dog!

Sue said...

How hard it must be for you to do your job when things like that happen. I love the little brooch.

'Joyce' said...

Thinking of you. Such a lovely mention in your post.
I love your brooch and that shade of grey. I have a beanie that I recently finished knitting and now a scarf on hook in almost that exact shade.
As for your new stamps, ohhhhhh what a great stamp and love that colour. Looking forward to seeing more from this set. That cake looks just a little bit delish too. Take care of you.

Catherine said...

I am sorry for the loss of your friend.
Loving all the crafting!

Catherine said...

I'm so sorry to hear that someone close to you at work passed away. It must be hard to deal with the pressures your job entails, bigs hugs lovely.

I'm also loving Martha's cooking, yum I love pink icing and your dragstar stamp is sooo cool. I had one of those bikes too, I think it was yellow and I loooved it.

Hope you had a good weekend lovely. xo

Karen said...

Oooh lots of goodness there - so sorry about your friend, remember them fondly though as this serves their memory well.
Remind me to talk cavoodles with you on Monday!