Friday, April 22, 2011

Things i am loving.....

Joining in with Paisley Jade 

Doing something for our kids' school.
The really love it when they see me "doing" at the school,
I love seeing their faces when I join in with some parent helper role,
so excited and they nudge the kid next to them and point at me " that's my mum"!

So finishing Mother's Day cards for the school's 
Mother's Day stall is something I am loving. Each card is hand stamped, 
has a MUM stamped image inside and displays
a handmade fabric brooch. I hope they are well received.

 More turquoise! I love this birdie cushion!!!

I am loving Gelati that is subject to Mum tax

Martha instigating her own cooking project: icing arrowroot biscuits
for easter " they are already egg shape mum!"

Happy Easter


PaisleyJade said...

haha - loveing the clever 'pre shaped' easter biscuits! Your brooches are so awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Oh how super.... milk arrowroot easter biscuits :)

Melody said...

Those milk arroeroot easter biscuits are a wonderful idea. Have a fabulous Easter.

Amy said...

I love the brooches! Too cute!

Lol at the already egg shaped biscuits, your daughter sounds like one smart cookie!

'Joyce' said...

oh your brooches will be well received. They are just lovely. We love icing milk arrowroot biccies too. yum yum. Have a lovely easter at your place.

JuRita said...

Nice to "meet" you! You have such a gift in crafting. :) The mothers day cards are a-mazing. I MUST agree MACs are awesome. We just upgraded last night and I am loving it! Thanks for visiting our blog... Keep in touch... Have a wonderful day!

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh you had me gelato - when we lived in Sydney it was just around the corner from the pure gelato factory, oh yes, factory priced gelato so we'd buy it by the tub!! Mmmm. Then there is the real deal in Italy, you haven't lived until you've tried meringue gelato, love Posie

Catherine said...

You have been very busy:) The Mum's are going to love getting a handmade brooch this mother's day made by you. It's lovely that you are able to help out, so many people benefit:)

I have been thinking about the biscuit decorating and milk arrowroot seem perfect, good thinking Martha. Enjoy your long weekend. xo

Katie said...

Love that birdie cushions and those biscuits look yum :-)