Saturday, April 23, 2011

There's a new girl in town

Drum roll Please!!!!!

Introducing the next serious crafter!

Ms M is in the house!  

Yesterday Martha used a sewing machine for the first time and 
did she go gangbusters! After making a pin cushion and 
library bag (to come in its own post) Martha practiced sewing straight 
lines. She practiced and practiced and practiced. Finally she declared herself:

"I'm addicted Mummy! Now I get you"

So nice to be understood.

I recently purchased what I thought was a half sized
Singer sewing machine, which I thought would be 
excellent to sit at my paper craft desk to be there
for stitched detail on cards. 

But when it arrived, it was full sized and the basic model.
Being Post Office phobic, I missed the window of opportunity to 
return it.  So it is now Miss M's sewing machine.

Martha's frenzy was catching. 

I made this table runner for the Easter "feaster" tomorrow.
I am not much of a quilter, and have rarely completed
a patchwork item. I love this because I used up some 
scrap, true patchwork tradition!

My friend recently had a birthday, she is also getting 
a deck built onto her home and it very excited about it.
So I made her some bunting. I finished a heap more fabric flower brooches and
some cute pincushions for the Mother's Day stall - mission now complete.

Now a few weeks ago I was "yippee-ing" about knitting 
with four needles which I used on the neck of this jumper.
Last night after making making making, I ended the evening 
with making up Martha's jumper.  It has been sitting there for over a fortnight!

A simple pattern which turned out well. I did plan to block it, but
when I sewed it together it sat so beautifully I opted not to block.
The wool was one from the stash (yay 8 balls lighter now!!) a wool and 
silk blend put out by Cleckheation a few years back


Catherine said...

I've said it before but you have been a very busy lady and so has Miss Martha. Learning to sew is such a wonderful accomplishment, good on her. I love that table runner too, so pretty and perfect for the easter fiesta. Sweet sweet and pretty pink is that jumper! xo

'Joyce' said...

oh how wonderful to see crafty busi-ness happening at your place and not just with you. how lovely to share the craft bug too. i love the table runner those colours are so pretty, the bunting will be a hit on the new deck for sure and that jumper looks so snuggly. happy easter to you and yours.

Sara said...

Isn't it fun to have a little lady in the house who shares one of your passions. How fun! Happy to see you at Tangled Happy. Thanks for your nice comment Happy Easter! :)

Kate said...

It was meant to be. I bet she sews waaaaaaaay more than if she had to share your machine. I love that she now 'gets you'.
And the jumper looks fab!