Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Sunday

 A little decorating continued, it's amazing how a new frame can
enhance art work. This piece is by a Melbourne artist whom I 
have the pleasure of knowing. "Hostess of the Season" was still
in this daggy frame I bought it in, but with a little jshushing up and..



Much nicer...

Easter cards to send out Easter wishes 

I recently painted this small wall space with blackboard
paint. I am getting a real kick out of "secret" family communications!
Someone will write one word and it grows with pictures and 
other words into very interesting and funny stories.
If you have a free wall in you house give it a go!

And finally, introducing my new Mac!! Though only
a base model - it is SOOOOOO sexy!  My old Mactop
has been handed on to Miss M.


Catherine said...

The new frame is perfect for your artwork, very pretty. And how organised are you with all those easter cards made! I've got the cardboard sitting there to make them, maybe tomorrow. Your's are very sweet, the soft colours are perfect for easter. Have a good week lovely. xo

Nienie said...

I love those cards!!