Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Only Child for a day

If you are a sibling, chances are that you have fantasised about being an only child. Last week two of our children spent a week with Nana in Canberra, by choice Tully (middle child) opted to stay home and pretend he was an "only child". With a bent towards drama, Tully seized the role with gusto revelling in spotlight of both parents, having play dates and sleepovers using all the family resources without consideration to his siblings.  Saturday was his last day of this lived out "fantasy" so Mr G and I 
had a day out with him.

We went to our usual Vietnamese restaurant which was astoundingly cheaper without 
the other two. Tully conversed his way through lunch and then made the fine suggestion that we move the party to Carlton for gelati.

Tully made a fine choice of caramelised fig OMG!!! We all
went to heaven and back with that flavour!

No trip to Carlton is complete without going to the lolly shop!!

Isn't signage great for reminding one not to follow through with
first urges.

Our day as a three was fabulous but all agreed that five is divine, that five is our number, five is us and we are five. We 
were very please to have the full crew installed by Sunday night.


Brenda @ Mira Narnie said...

oh that is such a cute post and how adorable that your son just loved that one on one time!! Also - caramalised fig, wow i'm going to have to try that one out xx

Catherine said...

I have only one this week (the other has gone to visit granny) and boy is he milking it!!! All the attention! It will be a shock to his system when his sister returns. Cx

hester said...

What an enterprising boy you had and you guys are beautiful to give him such a special time. Man...I wish I could pop down to Carlton for an afternoon. Looks fantastic!

Just Martha said...

Why did I think you lived in Perth? Weird. I was even going to do a conference in August and squeeze in a cuppa with you!! Bit far for you to travel. I'm sure my conference will travel to Melbourne sometime soon so I will book you for that cuppa then.... Lovely outing with Tully. He looks so adorable. Nice that he missed the others too...

Catherine said...

It's nice to be able to have some one on one time with one of your children but I agree that it's nice when you're all back together too. xo