Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Before I go back to work

Before I head back to the mill stone of work, I thought I would
post a few more projects I completed over the Easter / Anzac break.

This scarf I feel very excited because I didn't case someone else's idea!
Although I am sure some other clever crafter has also hit on this idea too,
I was working on the crochet necklace that required a ring to be made. 
Which gave me the idea of make a lot of different size rings and joining
them together. It worked! Really well! I am VERY happy with the result.

I feel my first tutorial coming on!!!!

Further to my "White over" that is constantly going
on in our home. I can't find a bedside table I like
so I painted the brown, daggy pine thing I have had 
for nearly 20 years, added some green china 
knobs I have had laying around for some years and 
bingo! Fresh new look until I find something I LOVE.

Well that is it for today. Have a wonderful day 
lovely bloggers. This week I have to start my 
cushion for the swap. I will introduce you to
my swap partner this week and show you some more
sewing I have done.

xx Miss Prudence


Sara said...

Love the scarf and Love the bedside table. Looks brand new! If you decide to share the pattern for your scarf and would like to see it featured at Tangled Happy send me the link at Very pretty! :)

Catherine said...

Oh I love that scarf you made what a clever chick you are;) The bedside table looks great, love the white makeover and the handles, so pretty. xo