Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Barbie and Please excuse my Blues about the Greys

image from here but I am sure mattel owns it!

Tomorrow I won't be 43 anymore. I confess that I feel a little more than panicked about it too, after all I have only just gotten used to being 40. Admittedly, I always feel anxiety and dread about my birthday - I have had so many disappointing ones.

You see ,I share my birthday with Barbie, she is a bit older than me and it would appear she is faring better. I guess since she got her pilots licence things have really powered on for her, I noticed her camper van is so upgraded since her old orange one from the 70's was traded in. A private jet, a vet clinic (where does she find the time to do that extra study!!).  Well, when you share a birthday with a gal like that you are bound to be over looked a bit and you can't possibly expect people to turn up to every birthday bash can you?

Honestly, I just wish I could bypass the whole episode, but apparently I have a few fans that like to celebrate me and I would feel bad if I let them down. So, today was my day off, like each Tuesday I went to sewing class and then off to the hairdressers - be buggered if I am going to wake up older and with my greys sprouting at me, mocking my age.

So instead of sticking with the haircut I have (and incidently is working well for me and looking great) I decide to have a change!  No, not a few highlights or a change in the colour- something I could fix overnight if I hated it. Nooooo! I say to my hairdresser " a very short quirky fringe please" . Yup, I don't need to share do I?  BAD choice.....

So I went down to our rumpus room, got my son #2 to show me how to use the Xbox kinect and used my new fittness game to ease my frustration.....and turn it into total exhaustion. 40 minutes of lunges and squats all the while seeing my "huge" image on screen next to the image of the very petite Michelle Bridges (Biggest Loser) at least sapped my energy levels that birthday doom seemed  feed, and yet there are still hours left in the day.

So once I get my energy back (provided 44 comes with energy) I will see if there are any after hours Dentists with time to do a root canal so I end the day in a well rounded way. Balance is the key!

Well Happy birthday Barbie. I want to hate you but I can't, we are bound together by so much...but tonight I will find you and my scissors and I will  be giving you a nice short fringe tonight so we can both look special on "our day" tomorrow when I have to put on brave face, smile at my birthday devotees and be thankful I have another year ahead of me....and that fringes grow for me and not Barbie!