Thursday, January 13, 2011

Things I am loving at the moment

 This silk tie I bought Mr G, it actually looks like denim!

My new Vintage Pearl necklace that Mr G and the kids gave me for Christmas.
Wow, he does listen to my comments sometimes!!

A soap stone heart I found at Salamanca Markets in Tassie.

This gorgeous silver pineapple my sister gave me for Christmas, it has a candle inside.

And can you believe Mr G gave me an overlocker for Christmas!!!!!!!



trixi said...

What a beautiful necklace!! Lucky you.

GeorgyG design said...

Love the soap stone and necklace. This is my first visit and I like the blog design too. Blue and red are my favoruite colours. Also thanks for visiting my blog. G

Catherine said...

You've some beautiful treasures, especially those lovely family members of yours giving you that precious necklace:) xo