Thursday, January 20, 2011

Family Get togethers

 As many of you know we live in Melbourne, but unfortunately all
of our extended family lives dotted around this massive country of
ours.  So family get togethers are rare and usually take a lot of effort
and travel.

This week my sister and her family visited us from Canberra and
boy did we have fun! We hung out a bit and yesterday ventured 
into the city, specifically Federation Square: on of my favourite 
community spaces in Melbourne. So here are a few snaps of our day 
in town. 

Best friends
Busy with girl business

Street Theatre in Bourke St Mall
Wandering the city, stopping here and there

Cousins and mates - Tully and Thomas

Juice and Milkshakes with Melbourne chic! Yes that is APPLE juice
NOT chardonay in Miss Martha's glass .
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Awesome! Hightlight of the day. Tully and Tom meet KANE the co-host
of the ABC3's Studio 3. Kane was very cool and chatted with the guys,
did high fives and posed for this cool photo. The boys are still stoked!!
A barbie for dinner , what a treat to have nine of my favourite people at my table

Meet Miss Daphne , Miss Prudence's Sister
Chocolate teddies from Haigh's chocolate's for dessert!


Zyatica said...

Lol.. you just reminded me I have some Haigh Teddy bears put away.. for safe keeping.

Cheers Z

Catherine said...

It's so much fun catching up with family. I love watching the girls hang out with their counsins, great times for them to remember. I love Haigh chocolate, sadly no shops up here I'll have to visit Melbourne again one day;) xo

Joanne said...

Oh Missy Daphne, Uncle S and kids all had a wonderful time! Miss Daphne obviously had way too much Xmas and New Year cheer judging by those photos though! haha. Highlight for Tom, KANE! Highlight for Liv....of course dancing with Martha to ABBA for four consecutive days whilst constantly spraying perfume and painting nails!