Monday, January 31, 2011

do you ever collect

From the side of the road?

I am afraid I do friends, and many a really good treasure I have secured
from the side of the road...and usually chairs! 

I was saying to Mr G only the other day, " we could really do with 
another stool at the kitchen bench, especially since Miss M's table and
chairs have now gone to the rumpus room (*sniff* it really took a while
getting used to not seeing the little table and chairs that has been an integral
place of snacks, craft, meals and play for 10 years).  

A few days later 
I found this 1950's stool, original condition and very good nick out the 
front of a house just around the corner from my home. Yay!
It was nice andclean too, yay!
Just hope the previous owner doesn't one day end up visiting 
my home - oh my,that would be embarrassing!


PaisleyJade said...

I love collecting things and giving them a new home! That stool is seriously cool.

hester said...

Hi Miss Prudence. Lovely stool! Clever you! Thanks so much for dropping by and saying hello. What lovely, loyal bloggy friends I have.

I had a yucky experience too when I first started blogging. Some slimy guy from Portugal or somewhere turned up (after I mentioned breastfeeding!!!!). I just deleted his post and he never came back.

Happydacks said...

Hey Darling, if the previous owner visits you then they would most certainly be wrapped that it found a nice home with you!!! So nice to visit you - it has been too long.