Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Book Alert!!!

You MUST read this! What a wonderful book, full of dressmaking, designs, techniques to be gleaned from this wonderful quirky tale!

This is an Australian novel published in 2000 by Rosalie Ham, her first novel.  Rosalie describes wonderful styles of dress design in a way that has you right there in the protaganist's sewing room!  The book is not without literary subtance though : romance, tragedy and triumph are all present written in flair and true story teller style. I LOVED it!!!!

So please read it and let me know what you thought of it. Maybe we could have a "book club" on it?

xxx Miss Prudence


Zyatica said...

I like the sound of this books I think I shall try and find a copy....


Kylie said...

I wil lhave to go and findthis - when the water subsides and I can get into the city.

Thanks for your thoughts - we are dry were we are in Brisbane - it is so unbelievable what is happening so close to us. Mother Nature - she can be so cruel.