Friday, December 31, 2010

So long 2010...and thanks

As you do, I am reflecting on 2010 and I am happy.

I feel like I achieved some good stuff. My job as a mental health outreach worker continues to inspire me to develop my career directions and more importantly it reaffirms to me how privileged I am to work with people, to have people trust me enough to share their experiences and show their vulnerabilities around their illnesses.

My family is healthy, I hear laughter and tears and sometimes displays of extreme emotion. I think this is a sign of a family that is healthy and "feels".

I gave up smoking....although I occasionally stumble, I do not relapse.

I continue to connect with interesting, talented and kind women through this little blog.

I am blessed with an uncomplicated life, many riches such as freedom, love and choice.

I have continued to learn new facts and skills . My sewing skill continues to develop and I am feeling more adventurous when choosing projects. I continue to gain a lot of enjoyment from crafting. It is so much a part of my being.

I may of spent too much money. Ooops!

I truly thank God for every day I have and what this life and world offers me.

So for 2011 I truly hope that I can continue to enjoy these opportunities and you too my lovely bloggers get to enjoy them too.

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Just Martha said...

Sounds heavenly dear Prudence. Great to be thankful for what you have. So many are not. Happy NY and many 2011 bring you all your dreams...