Friday, December 10, 2010

Oh Prudence, where have you been?

My it has been so long since I made a post, firstly I would like to send a big hug out to those who emailed me to check in with me. I just love this bloggy community!

Well, I have been busy. You may remember I started to "make over" or freshen up my family room, my how that project grew and it still growing!  I will soon make a post and show you all of my decorating changes I have made, I am very excited to share it will you all!

So much has been happening here - like most of you, we have been running from one event to another : concerts, ballet exams, christmas parties, end of year events the list is endless. On top of that Mr G has been travelling around the globe which means his share of "taxi-ing" becomes mine.

I will begin this post showing you some pretty hilarious crafting efforts on my behalf, it all began with my frsutration of constantly missing the cut off dates for some of the great swaps that go on around here. I so desperately wanted to take part in one and finally I got my chance!  A softie challenge.

Hmmm, softies?  I do not make softies well, my past efforts have only ever managed to evoke fear in small children and scorn in adults. I make horrid softies. But my desperate need to partake in a swap over rode this fact.  I signed up and off I went.  I purchased soft baby blue chenille and downloaded a vintage free pattern of lambkins. My swap partner Leonie, a very talented sewer sent me this sweet dolly, which I might add Miss Martha ran off with the moment she clapped eyes on it! Isn't dolly lovely?

Well, true to my Softie making history, my lambs were less lovely and poor Leonie got these chappies.

Hmmm, not exactly beastly but strong evidence of genetic tampering with these lambies!  They never got blogged by the recipient so I am kind of guessing I have maintained the standard of evoking horror and scorn!!LOL...Leonie, I am so sorry you got stuck with me on the swap, but at least you got a good laugh and please know you softie is treasured by Miss M, thank you Kiwi girl xxx.

What to tell you next....hhmm. Well Miss Martha is now an official Brownie and recently made her "Promise" ceremony. She decorated some lollypops as paper flowers and handed them to her fellow Brownies to mark the occassion. Miss Martha is a very dedicate Brownie and even more committed since attend her very first camp (I missed her so very much over those 2 nights).

Whilst on the subject of Martha, we recently celebrated her 7th Birthday!!!!!! I cannot believe that she is 7 and yes I say that every year and with the boys too, but it is true! Celebrations were held in the most magical places, a tea house called "Dolls on the Mount", run by the talented and beautiful Vivienne who single handedly kept a room full of kids entertained, provided a sumptious and hilarious afternoon tea, a magnificent birthday cake and now owns the heart of Miss Martha.

Doll on the Mount is in Heidelberg, Melbourne. It operates as a Doll museum (which took my breath away) and tea house.  Vivienne caters for childrens' parties and involves each child in creative play. Each child is given a role and then must dress up. The dress up box is fabulous and I can tell you Martha simply fell into the role of "Queen" disturbingly easy!  High tea was hysterical, with Viv climbing up on the table and pouring "pink tea" into dainty bone china cups from a great height, this of course brought the house down! Here are some pics.

traditional Mummy and Martha birthday photo

Making party bags is one of my most favourite tasks at birthday time, these were full
of girlie goodness, tiny soaps shaped like petit fours, lip glosses, beads, rings, 
flower lollypops, yummy lollies (of course) etc fact I wanted one!

Presenting her royal highness the Queen

Angus became the royal footman

Tully was designated "master chef" and presented the Queen with an amazing 
multi layered (four I think!!!!) pink sparkly sponge cake. The cake was so light 
it could of flown away. Yum!

The infamous "high tea" a la Vivienne! Can you see some of the dolls
in the background?

Whilst there, I "won" a makeover and got to dress up in this spectacular peach taffeta number!
I am not actually convinced it wasn't one of mine from back in the day!

And finally, on the actual birthday, the first day of summer and my day 
of triumph, we celebrated our special girl's 7th birthday honouring our
family tradition of waking to balloons and dining out that night 
at our favourite Japanese restaurant.

Happy birthday my wonderful daughter. I simply adore you xxxx


Just Martha said...

Welcome back sweet Prudence!!! You were definitely missed!! What a lovely place to have a party... Congrats little Martha on being 7!!

Teegan said...

Hi! I only discovered your blog a little while ago. I have been checking in every week or so and hoping to see a new post. Glad you're back! Oh, and what a great way to celebrate a birthday!

Catherine said...

Hi there stranger, so glad to see you again. It looks like you've been very busy and having lots of fun there:) Happy Birthday to you sweet girl, doesn't time fly by. My little Miss 6 will be turning 7 next month, why do they keep getting bigger! Welcome back lovely. xo