Friday, December 31, 2010

goal review

Lets see how I went....

2010 GOALS

  • Taking a stronger interest and stand in issues that get me burning

I probably could of done a bit better here, but I have rejoined a committee or two and 2011 will see me post about these valuable community organisations.

  • Sew curtains


  • Knit 2 jumpers


  • Make a wrap skirt

Yes! And I will post it soon.

  • Increase my energy levels

Ha ha!

  • Organise my house

Getting there, I think I can, I think can.

  • Create a new tradition

Still thinking about this one

  • Do more outdoor activities with my family

Could be better still

  • Take a sewing class and learn how to sew properly

Doing it and loving it!

  • Raise money for a Charitable Event

I am ashamed to have failed at this

  • Finish the C25K running program 

Ugh! Start stop start....

  • Learn how to play tennis 


  • Make every festive occasion a hum-dinger!

Oh yeah!

OK, so that isn't bad, but looking at it retrospectively I don't think I really challenged myself much...So bring on

2011 Happy New Year Greeting Card Vector Cover design Illustrator EPS

lose 15 13kgs  ( what can I say, it's a constant )
knit myself a jumper
knit Mr G a jumper
learn one magic trick
home brew beer with Mr G
take up yoga
go to womens conference
eat lavendar ice cream
be a vegetarian for a month
be gluten free for a month

Give blood

go to tasmania done
sleep under the stars
camp in the grampians
run a fun run
cook more interesting meals each night
learn a new counselling style
read 12 10 books 
expand social life

Now for the Craft goals

Make a decent looking softie
Install zips with confidence
Granny rug
Make a quilt
Sew Martha 4 things
Sew 4 things for me
Try tie dying
Make bags
Make cushions
6 scarves
Learn cables
Bake more cake

Phew! I had better get cracking, that's a BIG list!

So I hope you join me again on another year of blogging, I have lots of new ideas for this little space and I plan to kick the year off with a Giveaway!!!! *excitement* So pop back in very soon!!

Happy New Year friends xxxxx

Miss Prudence


Vik said...

Ohhh so you're actually meant to refer back to the list and check how well you did to keep the resolutions?! Best of luck for 2011 I know you can do it!

trixi said...

Miss Prudence, seems to me you did a pretty good job of that list of yours. You couldn't actually do everything on a new years resolutions list...could doesn't seem need to leave something over for the next years list...isn't that how it works!

Happy New Year to you and the family!!

Posie Patchwork said...

Happy New Year, here's to finding more energy so we get more done, just in case we weren't doing enough already!! Tee hee, love Posie

Catherine said...

Happy New Year!! I do love your list, it's good to challenge and try new things, here's to ticking lots of the list:) Have a great year lovely. xo

Anonymous said...

wow your list is amazing!!!! and you did really well on last year's list. I LOVE your dining room and the painting of the roses makeover too. The book you mentioned sounds fabulous so I am about to add it to my holds list at the library. oh and also...I am soooo glad you loved Tassie. we are having some wild and woolley weather at the moment!!