Friday, October 15, 2010

Ole and other goings on

Here is our resident Senorita. My parents-in-law have been in Europe for the past few months. Today in the post Martha received this flamenco dancers' costume from Spain. 

Our rennovations are going on still.
I painted our green wall white last weekend, Mr G was most happy as he is the resident painter and was delighted that I picked up the roller. 

Now I for the change in decor.
And I have been stuck. I challenged myself NOT to spend $$$$$ and to see what I could scrounge, up-cycle, recycle and repaint.  

Hunting around my "storage", I found a whole bolt of red ticking that I bought many years ago and promptly changed my mind because it was to boring.  Obviously I am pretty boring these days because I got thinking. 
Thinking French, thinking Scandinavian, thinking simple, thinking frugal.

I consulted Google, because after all who makes any kind of decision without doing so, and became inspired with something that has NEVER interested me, Shabby Chic. Yes, I am nervous about this but what the heck!

I made this cushion, I have been making fabric flower brooches by the dozen lately and it has lent its way to the cushions. A few of Aunty June's really really vintage buttons, a bit of saddle stitch and done What do you think? The second one should be ready tomorrow.
As I said I have been obsessed with making fabric flower brooches. I love using some of my really old buttons that I have been hanging onto, some for decades! 

I used a 1970's girls wrap skirt pattern to make this for Martha. I also made a matching flower brooch for her too! 

And finally I got some time to make a card or two.

Well that is my week so far. My "lighting up" project will continue - I am now trying to lighten me up and have started a serious exercise regime ugh! Will post more over the weekend I hope as there are lots of things in the pipeline including a softie for a swap I entered so pop on back over the weekend!

Hope you all have lots of fun and crafting planned!


Deb said...

You are a clever, crafty girl. Love, love, love those cushions! Love your idea to reduce, reuse and recyle. The room is going to look gorgeous. Cant wait to see it all finished.

Just Martha said...

Good lateral thinking Miss P!! Makes you feel good to zhush up what you have (I love that word)!! Well done. Looking great... Love that skirt!!...

trixi said...

I really love those fabric flowers you are making...they look amazing...beautiful vintage fabrics and that green button...I'm so jealous!!

Naomi said...

love the costume :) looks like some super fun! thanks for linking up today!