Sunday, September 12, 2010

What took so long?

Sometimes life gets so busy it hits you hard that you have to take a minute to recall the last family outing that was only about having fun.  Sundays are now officially free of footy, which means we see more Angus and more Mr G (yay), no one needed shoes or haircuts. The lawns, washing and swimming lessons were done. No one was having a birthday and there were no Hallmark occassions to celebrate- today was free! We had choice!  So without further ado we grabbed some snags, bread, BBQ grill etc, jumped in the car and headed to Rubicon (North East Melbourne) past Yarra Glen. Oh so lovely. 
Of course I kept busy on the trip, I finished this project in the car whilst admiring the scenery. The kids watched a DVD on the way with head phones, which meant Mr G and I could listen to some mellow tunes on the journey.
Once we arrived the kids got busy laying a fire to cook lunch on. Angus our number one kid is the action man of the family obsessed with camping, adventuring and risk taking. Once upon a time Mr G was an Army Officer and Angus just loves going through his Dad's old Army gear. This weekend Angus managed to procure a few coveted items : a pocket knife and this.

Posie was only this week wondering on her Blog why her daughter was toting around this publication, one glance at this book laying nearby and it made perfect sense : Angus. Heh, heh, I love how he actually brought it with him.

Mr G reminded why I love him, reaffirming his "sexiness" - oh beeeehave!

Lunch was simple and tasty.

I found Angus' pocket knife abilities nerve racking but he showed us he was very responsible. I still react like he was 5, I am having issues letting go aren't I?

It was great to get out into the natural environment, breathe really fresh air, hear rushing water, wander through the bush. We laughed, explored and talked as a family and wondered why we haven't done this for ages. Then it started to rain and we remembered that it has been a long wet winter! 

On the trip back home I started a new project as I finished the blue on on the way there. What a wonderful and productive day!


Catherine said...

Lynda today sounds like a great day. I'm glad you all got a chance to relax and hang out together, I love days like that and sausages and bread are our favourite for a Sunday picnic. I hope you have a good week! What are you crocheting there, pretty colours? xo

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh Lynda, so glad you have the SAS book, my children carry in as they don't trust me not to get them lost & actually needing to use that & all the Bear Grylls action advice!! So gorgeous to hear you love your husband after forever, me too. He looks like so much fun. Love Posie