Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Skirting around the issue

I have had this fabric sitting around for ages. I bought it for about $2 a metre and finally made something out of it : just a simple A-line skirt, zip at side - which went in perfectly I might add!  There's enough left over to make a skirt for my little ladybird.

This little dolly nearly fell victim to my Decluttering efforts. She was in my hand ready to go into the goodwill box.  It only took a moment to recall she was my dolly from when I was 6. My Uncle bought her for me, she was inexpensive and in fact I suspect a second (note her double eye brows). My Uncle suffered a stroke as a young soldier which left him brain injured and somewhat disabled but certainly not unuseful; his story is a very tragic story and well in check with the social attitudes of the 1960's.  He could of well ended up living in an institution, but thankfully my mother's family have strong views about looking after their own. My Uncle lived with them until the death of his parents and now lives independantly and is a star bowls and darts player.

Fond memories flowed back to me, of the attention and love my younger sister and I always received from our Uncle, not to mention his generosity. Uncle Bill always bought us comics and little gifts even though he relied on a pension, to this day I still get money in a card from him on my birthday. 

So, Dolly was saved and got a nice new dress! I cannot for the life of me remember her name, maybe we need a to give her a new one?  Ideas anyone?

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Deb said...

For some reason she looks like a Shelly. I have no idea why. I dont even know any shellys. Heehee.