Thursday, September 30, 2010

A New Link Up : Mother Heart

Naomi from Seven Cherubs talks about her passion often : being a mother.  I am sure we all can relate and devour that concept.  Motivated by her passion she has started a regular Thursday link to encourage mums to share something about their own experiences of if you think you can come up with a line or twenty hop on board.

Today is the second last day of the Victorian school holidays. Moo Moo is in the ACT with her Nan, the Tullster is on Cuboree (Cub scout extravaganza camp) with his Cub Leader Dad and Anggie has been at home with Mummy. 

Angus and I have enjoyed our extra time together in spite of both having bronchitis. We have luxuriated in the extra time to chat, sit quietly together, go shopping, have Thai food (the first time for Angus and mummy in a bid to have him taste ALL the flavours totally over ordered - not only did we bring three dishes untouched home, Mummy fainted at the bill!!! Oh well all in the name of life experience I tell myself!)  Angus and I both like to be quiet and in our own heads. But we also enjoy doing that with someone. Someone equally wanting to be in their own head.  Perfect Match!

We have had some good conversations too about things we fear, we love, our dreams and what makes us laugh. We have watched some great inspirational movies together. And watched morning TV in bed together, we played games on the IPAD (and probably got a bit too addicted to Pocket Frogs LOL).

We have also nursed each other in our illness - bringing each other glasses of water, wheat bags, pillows to ease our illnesses (we suffered two days through both taking turns rising from our respective sicks beds to check on one another). If you have ever read the series of The Five Love Languages you will understand when I say Angus and I both show our love with "acts of service" in other words one the main ways we show our love is through doing kind things for others  ( I also like to give gifts, so I fall into that catergory too). 

With three kids and a wonderful husband, I often find it hard to divide myself between them so they all get one on one time with me. But I do, yeah it is a juggle and it doesn't happen with great frequency but because I know it's value I MAKE it happen - "Date Nights" with all of them including Mr G. 

The benefits? We continue to build our knowledge of each other and they way we relate to each other. It   
gives me an opportunity to explore ideas and the emotional landscape to gauge if all is well. It provides the kids an opportunity to talk freely and feel special and we both get to do some really fun stuff.  

Tomorrow Angus and I drive to Canberra to pick up Moo Moo and by Sunday night we will again be the "tight bunch of five" that we all love to be. I love time with just one, but I feel better as part of five. 

I love my family.

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Becky Jane said...

'Love' your blog and your post about your family. I'm following you now from Seven Cherubs 'A Mother Heart'
Hope you can stop by for a visit!

Thanks, Becky Jane
Raising kids can be a lot like weeding the rose bed...well worth it, but...OUCH!

trixi said...

Yep,one on one time was also always really important for us. With 4 kids all pretty close in age I really loved being able to spend time with just one doing special things. And lucky me even though my kids are now older they still love doing things with me! Can't get better than that :)
Enjoy your 'tight bunch of five' Sunday night.

Catherine said...

It sounds like the two of you had a lovely time together despite your sicknesses:( I'm glad you got to share those special moments because it is so important to have them, it can be hard to divide time amongst everyone. Enjoy your weekend. xo

Deb said...

Love one on one time. Good for you mummy. Looking foward to hearing you are both all better. ;-D

Just Martha said...

Oh Miss Prudence, it is a truly wonderful post! You write so beautifully. We must be related as we too had Thai for dinner AND the bill was an eyebrow raising event. Lol...