Saturday, September 4, 2010

I am trying not to reclaim my inner Evil twin

Good Morning lovely friends!

How are you all this, um,  lovely? Yeah, of course it is lovely, we are alive and active and creative ! So yes! How are you all this lovely morning?
It is Saturday morning and I am beginning the weekend with a good old blogging session, looking out of my bedroom window (did I mention that I am in bed with crumpets and coffee?) seeing the gardens wake from their sodden state of the big down pour last night.

Yesterday was my day off and the de-cluttering continued. I exited jig-saws that haven't been played with for a long while, old games, books, books, some tragic knitting books, a big bag of wool!!! Old toys, clothes and doona covers. Yet, still there is not enough room. 

Nope, you wouldn't know that I have removed so much debris. There is another huge box in the hall and  a pile in the car port and there's still more to be decluttered.   Of course what does not help with this process is that Miss Prudence seems to have an Evil twin.......did you just hear some dramatic music?  Yes, last Sunday we went to take a "return" back to a shop in Collingwood. Problem: Smith St has all those enticing bargains to the left, to right, in front and behind you.  My Evil Twin emerge and escaped for an hour and wreaked havoc.  Later  I came too and regained my senses, returning to my virtuous state of wanting to declutter and live a simple life, I found that I had brought into the house : new clothes for kids, a pile of  books including nice craft ones , fabric and three pairs of "not on sale" Italian Leather shoes!!! And worse yet, I laybyed another two pairs!!!! They were all so gorgeous I think I need to make a post for them...

Now I have to find five pairs of shoes to throw out!!!! I did find two, still looking. Sheesh!

Other goings on around here include an attempt to get a bit of Spring happening around our home and the hope in the air, I did a bit of gardening. I dabbed a bit of "potted colour" around the place.  We live on a green belt part of the city and are so very fortunate to be a skip and a hop from the river.  This means we can walk 3 minutes and see Kangaroos, the odd Platypus, Wombats and native bird life too numerous to mention.  I just love early morning walks by the river, listening to the quiet which is punctuated with the ring of Bellbirds.  But, there are villans in any community and these guys 
are guilty of much vandalism. Individually, Cockatoos seem comedic and chatty and so very loveable, but bored and united with a gang they become utterly delinquent!!! 

Look what one did to my Polyanthus! Just snapped the plant from it roots and left it there. It wasn't eaten or chewed. No! Just blatant vandalism!
This is not the first time this has happened and boy am I mad! I think I may have start up a petition asking for harsher penalties for these birdie thugs!  Grrrrrrr.

Now to finish off this epic post  I will share a bit of crochet with you.  I made these mittens using shell stitch, I made up the pattern - so it is not very intricate!

 I trimmed the charcoal wool with cream which you can't see in this shot and finished off with vintage buttons. Off they go to my friends' daughter who is feeling pretty sad and lost at the moment and is currently faced with contemplating some huge life challenges, I hope they say someone else is thinking of her and loving her.


Posie Patchwork said...

Oh an evil twin who buys Italian leather shoes, where do i get one?? As a mother of twins, they are so fun, they play off each other & from birth each has a built in cheer leader & booster so they can be encouraged to do things a normal single child wouldn't do (& my singles didn't) + give a leg up to reach all the good things to play with. They're nearly 9 & proud to be Miss Perfect & The Evil Twin, in the nicest way possible. I wonder if one looks at the shoes & the other buys them . . . hope they have the same size & can share.
Happy decluttering again, i'm saving my havoc for school holidays!! Love Posie

Miss Prudence said...

Posie, I think I will STILL be decluttering in the holidays! ugh! Such a slow process when I only have one day a week to do it.

Crochet with Raymond said...

Hello Miss Prudence!
Love your mitts, they're gorgeous...
I can't believe cockatoos just vandalise things! Actually, I can I suppose, they are parrots... in NZ we have a native pattor called the Kea who live in the bush areas, you can't leave your cars near them because they will completely decimate it and eat bits off it, just for fun!
Have a lovely week and get rid of some stuff!!!!!

Deb said...

haha you make me laugh.Yes dont give up. Keep peeling back those onion layers to a simple life. You wont regret it.
Love you