Monday, August 2, 2010

A little bit of sewing

Apologies for the quality of this photo! Here is another nightie for Martha, but a summer version. THe pattern is lots of little lady bugs which is perfect for Martha as that is her nick name (apart from Moo Moo; poor child thought this was her name in the early years), when she was born she looked little a little round lady bug, ah swoon on the memories.  The fabric is a crisp plisse, perfect for summer.

You might recall I made a winter version of this a few months ago, the pattern is Quick Sew and covers a good range of sizes.


Karen said...

Aaaah you've moved onto summer sewing and I haven't yet made up the winter nightie(s) that I cut from this pattern which I bought after seeing yours!!
Love this - now I want to forget the winter versions and make summer ones!!

Deb said...

Wow your sewing is really fantastic. I really need to get enrolled in some classes. ;-D You have inspired me.

Catherine said...

This is so pretty. Martha is going to be set for summer pjs. I still haven't made the winter pjs for the girls I had planned, ooops.