Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A little bit of making, baking and warfare

It was cold and grey and perfect weather for closing the doors on the world.  I may be craving some warmer weather but I do love hibernating! So the slow cooker had been on non-stop, the heater was attending to the cosy climate in doors - so what could I do? Encourage the kids to play whilst I attended to some VIC : very important craft.

Trying different granny shapes, this was going to be a shawl for me - but I chickened out at Barbie size. I don't think I could leave the house wrapped in a granny square of 8 ply wool.

Hmmm, Barbie looks a bit cold, maybe a skirt to match?

Then, I made some cards to include in a package for my friend in SA. I just love these bird cage stamps!
I will probably make these two designs into a set.

Time for afternoon tea and hazelnut tea cake with a pot of tea would be perfect!

Garrett is in New Zealand next week, he will need a warm scarf : I have the wool!

It was such a productive time! I was warm, full of cake and inspiration. I was churning out creation after creation and then I was interrupted by Terminator Girl.

When I had a daughter, I was very keen to expose her to experience a wide range experiences, just as I did with the boys....yet this was not what I had in mind! 

This was my very slow, cosy Sunday. How was yours?


Sue said...

Oh my goodness, terminator girl made me giggle! We have had the same weather here too, cold and the sun is out but still so freezing. Perfect for knitting and baking. The hazlenut tea cake sounds devine.

Deb said...

Sounds like a perfect day! Need to get a slow cooker. Sounds fantastic!

Posie Patchwork said...

Busy household & love the VIC work!! Fuunily enough, none of my girls thought to play guns (even though Daddy is a soldier) but it was just something my son did naturally. I didn't ban them, never thought to buy or refuse one at a party as a gift, they just never came into our house. No need, he'd build lego guns, stick guns, Barbie doll guns . . . then his sisters got into the act & shot back!! Nice & healthy, genderless fun. They're very well adjusted older children now. Love Posie

Garrett said...

I can vouch for the warmth (emotional and physical) of the scarf!

Miss Prudence said...

oh i miss you too baby xxxxxxxx.

Urban Exile said...

I want to see the Barbie in crocheted bellbottoms to match the shawl!

trixi said...

Terminator girl...love her...what a perfect end to a perfect sounding day.