Saturday, August 28, 2010

Let the cleaning commence!

Yesterday I made the announcement that Casa de Prudence was going into "de-clutter" mode.    
Well, I couldn't find the sherry so I started in the family room, specifically the wall of bookcases.  I have identified a few easy targets to begin with and have set the following goals to reduce by.

1 pile of magazines
1 bag of wool
go through the DVDS

Two hours later : and I had extracted this pile and condensed a few shelves.  This is actually more challenging than I expected, I keep finding "memories" and "just in case" items.  I have been reading up on other blogs about de-cluttering and "they" suggest that one commits to a minimum of 15 minutes decluttering each day.  That's a commitment I think I can manage and maybe a bit more.  So day one and I am pretty happy.


'Joyce' said...

oh you make me laugh, I just love your posts. Ok, so spring has been sniffing around here too lately, however, due to the lurgy, we are all now taking things a little slow and my cleaning hasn't gotten quite to your stage yet. (I LOVE lists) Re your reduction pile. The magazines, are you donating them? I have a few magazines from my eldest that he decided to just cut up, they have since been rescued and are in my studio, ready for a makeover. (School fete time, just around the corner, and an upcycling project ready to go.) Re the bag of wool !! did I hear your correctly? A bag of wool?? Oh I can't bring myself to part with wool. You are very, very brave. I do have wool here that I am making into scarves to be donated to our local cancer unit. This way I am decluttering and making use of. All the best with your project. I will be back for inspiration.

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh yes, i do this every school holidays, spend 2 days in my jammies & lock children out of their rooms while i go in with a bag for charity & one for the bin!! The memories & keep sakes distract me, so i try to stay strong. We had burglars help us out with the DVD drawer, why, they didn't take iPods but they took DVDs, maybe they liked our taste?? Weird WEIRD!! Love Posie

PaperTree Designs said...

Good for you. A good declutter and spring clean is good for the soul isnt it. ;-D
Love ya

Karen said...

Well done to you! I did some of this a few weeks ago - took boxes and boxes of stuff to Brotherhood - man did they love seeing me come in the door!
It feels good once you avhedone it I must say!

Catherine said...

I love to declutter but it can be hard to get rid of things especially those things that might just come in handy. Magazines I usually flick through and rip out things I want to keep and then donate the rest.Miss 11 is getting a new wardrobe in her room soon so I'll need to get in there and sort through all of her things, I'm not really looking forward to that one. Goodluck with the rest of your Spring cleaning! xo