Friday, August 27, 2010

It's nearly here!!!!

  Ahhh, finally the mercury is rising and I am getting that "seasonal" change.  I feel that winter fog lifting, things are looking clearer.  I am beginning to visualise myself drinking tea on the deck enjoying the morning sun.  Something clicks inside me, must be that "seasonal to -do list" that was conditioned into me by my's time to Spring Clean
yes, this is how I looked.  

It's time to make a list! (Miss Prudence lives by lists, she has lists for lists!) 

Now, what needs to be done?  I take my notebook and begin my home inspection.

One lap around the house, my head begins to swim.  Another lap follows another lap. Oh it's all too much! How did this happen?  Shock and horror begin to take over.  
Where is the sherry?  I need a snifter! 

There is clutter everywhere! 
We are drowning in it.
 Have I ever thrown anything out? 

My mind races : How will I ever get on top of this? Why? I can't breathe! Where did this come from? How much money has been wasted on this stuff? Air! Air! I need air!!!!

And then the BIG question : Where do I begin?

And so dear bloggers, a new chapter begins : "Miss Prudence De-Clutters".....Miss Prudence needs space to craft and bake and make.  Miss Prudence HATES cleaning, Miss Prudence collects, Miss Prudence thrifts, Miss Prudence is running out of space and feels suffocated.  Do you?  Join me on this challenge, this journey.  Share your ideas. If there is  enough interest we could start "the Spring Clean Challenge".....


Joanne said...

There is only one thing left......I'm sending mum down on the next plane! What's that I hear...arr yes vacuuming, throwing out, dusting yep the threat always gets a girl into action!

Deb said...

Yep Ill join you. I need a good declutter and clean again.