Saturday, August 28, 2010

Let the cleaning commence!

Yesterday I made the announcement that Casa de Prudence was going into "de-clutter" mode.    
Well, I couldn't find the sherry so I started in the family room, specifically the wall of bookcases.  I have identified a few easy targets to begin with and have set the following goals to reduce by.

1 pile of magazines
1 bag of wool
go through the DVDS

Two hours later : and I had extracted this pile and condensed a few shelves.  This is actually more challenging than I expected, I keep finding "memories" and "just in case" items.  I have been reading up on other blogs about de-cluttering and "they" suggest that one commits to a minimum of 15 minutes decluttering each day.  That's a commitment I think I can manage and maybe a bit more.  So day one and I am pretty happy.

Friday, August 27, 2010

It's nearly here!!!!

  Ahhh, finally the mercury is rising and I am getting that "seasonal" change.  I feel that winter fog lifting, things are looking clearer.  I am beginning to visualise myself drinking tea on the deck enjoying the morning sun.  Something clicks inside me, must be that "seasonal to -do list" that was conditioned into me by my's time to Spring Clean
yes, this is how I looked.  

It's time to make a list! (Miss Prudence lives by lists, she has lists for lists!) 

Now, what needs to be done?  I take my notebook and begin my home inspection.

One lap around the house, my head begins to swim.  Another lap follows another lap. Oh it's all too much! How did this happen?  Shock and horror begin to take over.  
Where is the sherry?  I need a snifter! 

There is clutter everywhere! 
We are drowning in it.
 Have I ever thrown anything out? 

My mind races : How will I ever get on top of this? Why? I can't breathe! Where did this come from? How much money has been wasted on this stuff? Air! Air! I need air!!!!

And then the BIG question : Where do I begin?

And so dear bloggers, a new chapter begins : "Miss Prudence De-Clutters".....Miss Prudence needs space to craft and bake and make.  Miss Prudence HATES cleaning, Miss Prudence collects, Miss Prudence thrifts, Miss Prudence is running out of space and feels suffocated.  Do you?  Join me on this challenge, this journey.  Share your ideas. If there is  enough interest we could start "the Spring Clean Challenge".....

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A little bit of making, baking and warfare

It was cold and grey and perfect weather for closing the doors on the world.  I may be craving some warmer weather but I do love hibernating! So the slow cooker had been on non-stop, the heater was attending to the cosy climate in doors - so what could I do? Encourage the kids to play whilst I attended to some VIC : very important craft.

Trying different granny shapes, this was going to be a shawl for me - but I chickened out at Barbie size. I don't think I could leave the house wrapped in a granny square of 8 ply wool.

Hmmm, Barbie looks a bit cold, maybe a skirt to match?

Then, I made some cards to include in a package for my friend in SA. I just love these bird cage stamps!
I will probably make these two designs into a set.

Time for afternoon tea and hazelnut tea cake with a pot of tea would be perfect!

Garrett is in New Zealand next week, he will need a warm scarf : I have the wool!

It was such a productive time! I was warm, full of cake and inspiration. I was churning out creation after creation and then I was interrupted by Terminator Girl.

When I had a daughter, I was very keen to expose her to experience a wide range experiences, just as I did with the boys....yet this was not what I had in mind! 

This was my very slow, cosy Sunday. How was yours?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A nice surprise and a bit of knitting

Last Friday I received a pleasant surprise in the post. A present for me!!! It was from my darling friend Deb who lives in the Adelaide Hills. It is so nice to get a surprise that lets you know that someone is thinking of you!  There was a liquid eyeliner (Deb knows that I am on, what seems endless, a quest to find a liquid eyeliner that can compete with the brand (now discontinued - if I get my hands on you Max Factor grrrrr) I have used since I was 19.....there was a navy blue nail polish like the one I loved from the pedicure we got together in March and a packet of CHai tea....all little items that say "I am thinking of you".

I am a very lucky friend indeed. 

And here is the knitting I promised.  The pattern is by Leonie.  The pattern is a dream! So simple and produces a great look.  And yay! I used up some of my stash - only 4 big bags to go!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Granny Love

Now it's ugly....

Now it's not!  

Always loving a Granny opportunity, I was inspired by Alice's Granny mandala (and I should of waited because she posted a tutorial after I had done my math!) I covered this ugly little IKEA stool to go in Martha's room at her new desk!

Monday, August 2, 2010

A little bit of sewing

Apologies for the quality of this photo! Here is another nightie for Martha, but a summer version. THe pattern is lots of little lady bugs which is perfect for Martha as that is her nick name (apart from Moo Moo; poor child thought this was her name in the early years), when she was born she looked little a little round lady bug, ah swoon on the memories.  The fabric is a crisp plisse, perfect for summer.

You might recall I made a winter version of this a few months ago, the pattern is Quick Sew and covers a good range of sizes.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The shoes! The shoes! Oh the new shoes!

Here they are! Well I guess turquoise will be my new colour! I saw these and gasped, I HAD to have them. I got them from Kinky Gurlinki in the city, I think I might of seen their shop in St Kilda once- can't be sure as I rearely get to St Kilda -  I am more a Fitzroy favourer. Anyway, here are the shoes, I spent more than I should of and knowing my husband visits here occasionally I won't say how much exactly LOL.

But what's a pair a glamourous shoes without accessories! So I got this ring too. Now I cannot stop thinking about a turquoise big plastic bangle I had in the 1980's that was pretty gorgeous and would of been a fine companion to the shoes and ring....I have a nagging thought that my mum might still have it at her house...fingers crossed.