Monday, July 5, 2010


You might remember a few weeks ago I mentioned I had to make a banner for our eldest son to commemorate his 50th game of footy.  Garrett is a total footy Dad and is great, he actually made the banner himself and he did such a great job! Sadly Garrett couldn't be there to see Angus run through the banner and this task was left to me...and I feel like I failed big time as I did not manage to get a photo of him running through the banner.

Actually, the parents standing around were quite unhelpful and were actually forced to hold the banner, one complained about it as he did it and they completely ignored me in spite of know exactly who I was.
I was ignored for virtually all the match by groups of footy parents UNTIL someone worked out my husband was their child'd Cub Scout Leader and only then was I spoken to!  It amazes how exclusive some community groups are, especially in cases like this and I wonder what our kids learn from these kinds of exhibitions....anyhoo Garrett rocks as a footy dad, Cub Leader, dad in general, crafty Dad and my man! 


Catherine said...

The banner looks fab! I know what you mean about communities! I have found that now that I am the Guide leader, people who used to ignore me have suddenly started to speak....really irritates me!

Miss Prudence said...

Doesn't it make your blood boil! As I am a community worker, I believe in building strong communities and sadly some of the sub-communities we are involved in seem to be against that notion!

Good on you for becoming the guide leader, those guides and brownies are very lucky! When I left Martha's first family night I left with my kids and a committee position! I couldn't resist the lovely atmosphere! See, some communities ARE good!

trixi said...

Unfortunately some people care only about themselves and what they perceive as beneficial for themselves or their kids. I guess the loss is theirs because they miss out on what community is all about and the joy it brings.

PaperTree Designs said...

Im thinking...perhaps those people were shy and only felt a bit more confident to talk when they had a 'topic' like guides to bring up?....

Go angus! Congrats on your 50 games. Love the banner Dad. You are a good dad!