Friday, June 25, 2010

What are you doing this weekend?

Well school holidays have begun here in Victoria and I am going to boast here because I DON'T have to go and talk to teachers about reports! Yes! Three great reports!!!!!! Finally these teachers are seeing the light and realise what star qualities lay in these three rascals!  Tully even got four B's!!!!! And not for fluffy stuff!!!! Angus got great feedback and Martha is trying really hard!! What more can I ask for.....OK there is more a full term without having to have a conference with the school. Square pegs in round holes - what to do?

Which brings me to the weekend?
G is taking Miss Moo to Nana's in Canberra for the first week, so it will be the boys and me over the weekend. Angus is playing his 50th footy game God bless him - I have to make a banner for him to run through (how???!!!-surely not to the scale of AFL level? Surely?) So the boys and I will have a bit of a

"mum and boys" weekend....I am also going to continue with my running program and am booked in for a massage and I have a few crafty things planned too....sounds like a plan to me! And you?


Catherine said...

That's great news about your kiddos with school you must all be very proud.

Have a great weekend with the boys, sounds like you'll have fun. We had a party and bbq to go to today and tomorrow we are heading to the park for a get together with friends, busy, busy just how my girls like it. How boring staying at home!(lol)

Enjoy your school holidays. xo

trixi said...

Square pegs in round holes...I'd say that's perfection! Who wants to be like everyone else...that would make for a very boring world. My weekend has been a mad rush of last minute sewing for 'my baby' who left tonight for overseas. :(
Enjoy your mum and boys weekend, it sounds like fun!!

Karen said...

Well done to all your gang on great reports, and some credit to you and the hubby of course!
Sounds like a great weekend planned, massage - hooray!

Joanne said...

Oh massage and craft sounds fun. I am going to enjoy having Miss Moo come over for a sleepover and have lots of fun with Miss Olivia....lots of girly fun. I am also mourning the loss of a cancelled massage.....grrr. Hope you are all having fun holidays! jx

Miss Prudence said...

I actually had the EXACT mourning last saturday! Grrrr

hester said...

Well done on the great school reports. We had a nice one too but the good behaviour comments meant more to me than the As.

Your weekend sounds great, especially the massage part. We had Gret's fourth birthday party yesterday so are recovering today and doing the post party tidy up (as opposed to the pre-party one I did yesterday!)