Sunday, June 13, 2010

Separate Ways Saturday

Ahhhh, Saturday finally. I woke up ever so slowly and let G get reacquainted with his off spring ie all breakfast demand went to him because I can play possum HEAPS better than him. Not long after coffee was brought to me with favourite child "Mactop"- I love that kid.  I did some blogging and pondered what it was I would do on Saturday. The sky was lovely blue - a walk? Hmmmm, whatthe? Sky is now grey can only do one thing : Crochet.  Crocheted Beanie using advice from Kate and it was done in a flash.

Then it was breaky time and all the rabble had left the house, eldest child was hiding in his room also enjoying the quite...So I cooked a nice egg and muffin and headed back to bed to consider next Saturday task.

Wasn't hard, down to the craftroom where I made cards ALL day, taking a break for some exercise on treadmill.  The night was topped off with lighting the open fire (an annual event) thai and vino (excuse me Miss Prudence aren't you doing weight watchers?) by the fire. But disaster struck......I can't talk about it moment as I am still in shock it is so terrible, I shall report about it later.

Today is Sunday and we are going to take that country drive. I'll tell you about that later!


sue said...

Your crochet beanie looks great. I hope that everything is okay too.

PaperTree Designs said...

is everything ok? bit worried now....

clare said...

Hello Miss Prudence, I Love reading your blog. I found it through Pip at Meet Me At Mikes. Hope your long weekend was Great.