Friday, June 25, 2010

I 've go that Brownie feeling

I have not posted for a week or two as things have been SOOOO busy....I must say I was overwhelmed and delighted with the response to my last post about beauty and body size...I am glad to read that not too many of us are going to be told by little fashion men that our shapely curves are ordinary and walking, starving skeletons are the beauties. We'll talk more about this later!

Last week was a very exciting week for Miss Martha Moo...recently she joined Brownies. Her Dad and brothers are heavily involved with scouts and cubs and Dad (who is a Cub leader) was I think a little offended when she pointedly told him "don't you get it? I need to be with GIRLS!" Fair enough, so off to Brownies we go....So last week was the "Campfire" celebration of 100 years of Guiding. Miss Moo and I rugged up, packed our back packs and picnic rugs and marched off to the park in which they met up at....OK so the songs were a little lame and I was definitely NOT sure about the ode to Baden Powell which included lyrics of "I 've got that BP spirit all over me" ahemm!    But Miss Moo had a BALL, she was with her new mates, sung her heart out and just enjoyed the "belonging" was so lovely to watch.

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Catherine said...

How cool, sounds like you and Martha had a great time. I've thought my little one would like Brownies, I can imagine her sitting around a campfire having a sing, she loooves to sing! xo