Monday, June 14, 2010

I think I can talk about it....a little bit

Thanks for your concerns dear bloggers, I must say I feel a bit guilty to raise such alarm....the "disaster" that I referred to in the previous post was heart breaking for me, the collector - thankfully not me the mother, daughter, wife etc.

Some of you might remember that Miss Prudence from time to time shows off her vintage white china vases from her mantel piece. And this little baby is my ALL time fave. It is actually the palest pink and is numbered and perfect condition. When she arrived I was a little disappointed she was pink not white - but I fell in love with her difference which stood out ever so subtly amongst her white friends.

You might also recall that on Saturday night we were going to light the fire (an annual event for this ducted heated dwelling in the burbs). Well Garrett was feeding the fire WITHOUT removing the firescreen, which of course a something he would corrected the kids from doing, but he did it with a stupidly long piece of fuel. Crash! I shrieked and truly thought I would need medical intervention. I did seek a cigarette (damn it) and medicinal red wine.  I did keep calm on the outside even though I wanted to murder him (which still isn't ruled out as a vengence act).

This is all that is left of her.


PaperTree Designs said...

I will try find you a new one on ebay.


Miss Prudence said...

you are the sweetest friend xxxx

clare said...

Oh No! Bummer!!! I once had just finished sketching a picture of one of my treasured vintage 'piebirds' when suddenly i dropped it and it smashed into millions of pieces, think i cried at the time.

Joanne said...

Oh poor you, that is awful! I really like that piece. jxx